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|| The || Hurricane ||
EAW Tag Team Champions Christian & The Hurricane

Next Match Information

Opponent's): Title's Involved: Stipulation:
Maverick &  Triple H n/a No DQ

Role-play # W - L - D Record Event Name
1 3-0-0 Smackdown

Out Of Character Message
good luck to mav! and HHH

Achievements Victims of the Hurricane
EAW World Tag Team Champion w/ Christian Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, Matt Hardy, Shannon Moore, Batista,  Thunder,


Recap from RAW:
Christian dives onto Batista and they begin to fight outside of the ring while the Hurricane sets himself for a blockbuster. Thunder gets to his feet and Hurricane jumps off the turnbuckle, hitting Thunder with the blockbuster, then goes for a pin. The ref counts the pin, and Hurricane wins the match!

Scene:  backstage

we see Hurricane and Christian standing and talking in the back.....

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  i cant believe it man Maverick has his own locker room

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  yeah what has he ever done for this company

(Sean Adams walks up}

"EAW' Owner" |¦| Sean Adams:- Hurricane...Christian.....what's going on.....everything okay i want  my tag champions to be happy

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  yeah actually there kind of is a problem maverick has his own locker room...evolution has there own locker room

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  yeah and too make it worse the tag team champions had to dress with the rest of the "BOYS" in the back like a bunch of cattle

"EAW' Owner" |¦| Sean Adams:- i happen to be a former champion and legend and now an owner and i never had my own locker room

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  yeah but you always came to the arena dressed and ready to go

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  yeah you never needed to change

"EAW' Owner" |¦| Sean Adams:-  okay that's a good point

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  look being the owner and all this is so not cool

"EAW' Owner" |¦| Sean Adams:- SO A NEEDLE POINT THREAT

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  LOOK CAN U JUST GET US OUR OWN LOCKE ROOM

"EAW' Owner" |¦| Sean Adams:- ill have to put my mind to it ...these things must be dealt with very delicately "The Wizard of OZ ...Castle Scene

(Sean Adams starts to walk away } "Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  what the hell is he talking about

(in a distance } ill get you my pretty and your little dog too!}



Scene:   (Hurricane & Christian are sitting in lazy boyz with  a nice big TV in front of them)

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  ah our own locker room finally the tag team champions are getting the respect they deserve

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  Totally.... i don't know about you but im getting thirsty why don't we get Someone to get us a couple of sodas

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  yeah im parched and Sodas Rule..

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  yeah they do....

 (Hi five each other) look to the TV

"Totally Not Awesome" |¦|Jonas Sharp: :- Hey look, Joey! It’s the Hurricane and Captain Crunch! Yo, I hope the two of you enjoy your little victory here tonight, because once you get in the ring with me and Joey D., it won’t be so easy.

"Totally Not Awesome" |¦|Joey Dynamite: :- That’s right. You two are looking at the best team in EAW right now! We want a shot at the Tag Titles, and when we get that shot, we’re going to wipe the floor with you two jobbers and bring those belts home to Team Maverick. Now, can you handle that, “bee-otch!!!”

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  what the hell is that who hired these guys?? best tag team in EAW?? i don't think were tag champs for nothing....

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  Joey Dynamite.....hmmm is that Napoleon Dynamites other brother or sum thing????

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:-  i don't know what the hell he is but i guess they are apart of team maverick.....

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  No...Totally more like team suck squad.....

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:- hey look Sean is out to the ring was sup wit dat

EAW' Owner" |¦| Sean Adams:-I Was Backstage when i decided to make a match for Smackdown this Thursday.....Triple H......verses Maverick verses......THE HURRICANE

(Hurricane spits out his soda and looks at Christian...)

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  dude u are so going to destroy those reekazoids...

EAW' Owner" |¦| Sean Adams:-and there will be a special stipulation in this will be Triple H/Maverick/ a .............No DQ Match


"Boomer Sooner" |¦| JR:-:  by god what a match that'll be

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  dude this so reeks of awesomeness your so totally going to Kick their little asses and show them that a real star needs no stable to win matches

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:- effin eh Christian effin eh....


lights go out in the arena


hurricanes music plays as the co holder of the tag team champions is making his way to the ring alone

(Helms grabs a mic.)

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:- after hearing Mr. Adams making my match Me vs HHH vs. maverick it seems that it is now  time to separate the weak from the chafed,.... the men from the boys,..... the awkwardly feminine from  possibly team is time for "H" & Maverick to step up and go toe to toe with the hurri-hurri-hurricane in a no DQ match live on then i think i know why theese two guys are such an angry people but its okay we understand....   we understand that "ugliness" and "fatness" are genetic disorders, much like baldness or necrophilia, and it's only your fault if you don't hate yourself enough to do something about it.

"Boomer Sooner" |¦| JR:-: Wow Hurricane is throwing gasoline on this fire.....

"The King" |¦| Jerry Lawler:-: you said it JR.. who does he think he is

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:- all i can say is this Mav. Hunter this Thursday on Smackdown you better prepare for an ass beating of a life time because were in Cleveland!. A city built of cold snow, broken dreams and $5 lobster. A city where you can get a happy ending, if you pay a little extra. A city home to a sporting event greater than the World Cup, World Series and World War II combined its when the hurricane lays the Smackdown on your punk ass..... so bring all you got mav bring all you got "H" bring you bring ur belt bring team suck squad with you because in the end the Hurricane will emerge victorious

hurricanes music hits and he leaves the ring


"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  dude that was so totally awesome the little bitchs wont even know what hit em just remember i got ur back

"EAW's Superhero" |¦| Hurricane:- that's SUPA and like i said they are going to get s supa ass beating courtesy of the hurricane.......swosssssssshh

(Hurricane flees off Screen)

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  ha totally he's so got flying but what about me... i want to have a match ...but 1st i want a soda

(Captain Charisma walks up to a soda machine and gets his soda)

talking to a man backstage

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  Dude have u seen Sean Adams around?

"Backstage Worker" |¦| Milton Fludgecow:-  last i saw he was in his office about to leave

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  i so totally got to catch him which way is his office....

"Backstage Worker" |¦| Milton Fludgecow:- i never thought id get to say this but.....(he went thata way)

(Christian drops the soda and runs to a office as Milton picks up the soda and starts to drink it.....Christian runs back and grabs it and takes off getting a pop from the crowd.....)

knocking on the door

 "Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  MR. Adams it's

 captain charisma open up......

"Backstage Worker" |¦| Brian Fokker:- (He already left)

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  i so totally knew that......I WAS erm just testing to see if u knew that

"Backstage Worker" |¦| Brian Fokker:- oh okay

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  so have u seen any hot chicks around..

"Backstage Worker" |¦| Brian Fokker:- Yeah have you seen Kharma.....she's hott.

"Captain Charisma" |¦| Christian:-  yeah from a distance anyways make sure Sean gets this note okay

"Backstage Worker" |¦| Brian Fokker:- sure

(Scene Closes)


End Role-play