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Dear sweet Jesus, Dear sweet friends,
I came in to check my mail, maybe
play around with my web pages.
Oh, the beautiful notes, cards & such,
Make me feel so special & loved,
...way beyond the ages!
I love you all so dearly that words
can not describe the warm feeling...
Feelings you stir deep inside of me,
know that my heart, you are stealing.
Thank you Lord so much for this
wonderfully caring family now,
A blessing beyond description...
How you have always blessed me so
graciously, at times I forget to mention.
I thank you Lord Jesus, today while
my heart is so calm, peaceful and secure.
Were there anything I could do  
So everyone else could feel the same...
I'd do it in a heart beat for sure.
I  pray & pray every night, as I
lay down, so weary in my bed...
I could give each and everyone of them,
The warm tender feeling of my heart,
That you live in... let them all know
that you are not dead!
I know you are alive and are there
for each & every breath I draw in,
If they could only know such wonderful
peace, of you taking away their sin.
I know you have washed me just
as white as the driven snow...
How can I tell them, get across
all the peace and love that I know?
I guess we will just walk
down that long road together.
Maybe if we walk straight & strong
enough, it will teach them to love
and pray for one another.
Then, if we all pray really hard,
if we all pray... & all together...
Things would become much easier then,
would make me light as a feather.
So very sick we have become,
You know it is no laughing matter.
Yet if we can not laugh along
the road to new bodies,
What does it  really matter?
Yes, I believe there is a reason for
every tear shed, down here below.
So I will strive to serve our Master.
I believe , the more tears we shed,
for others... without a thought,
Our healing will come much faster.
So with this final thought I will leave,
I will bring this poem to an end.
I will sing and praise you Lord Jesus,
With all my heart, love and being...
For others I will pray, love & spend
More time showing them, with you...
The blind are now seeing.
In your loving and precious name,
I humbly pray Dear Jesus.
~ Amen ~
Author & design ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~
February 20, 2002

Since: 2/26/2002

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