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Getting A Bug!

Getting A Bug!

God bless you,
and how do you do?
I was all right yesterday,
Until I got this flu!

Oh, excuse me please!
I am sooo sorry,
I didn't mean to sneeze!

I beg your forgiveness,
It's just this awful cold...
May I use your hankie,
Hope you don't mind,
Me being so bold.

Oh, by the way...
Was that your glass?
I was just so thristy...
I just didn't think to ask.

Took just a tiny sip,
You must have this bug too.
I can see the quiver of your lip!
You're turning a little blue!
Now... wait just a minute,
I haven't been rude to you...
Some people just get grumpy... 
When they get this darn flu!

I will do the dishes...
What you need is some rest.
I'll spit shine them if I have too...
I will do my very best!

 My, you don't look very happy,
Now, is that any way to treat a guest?
I was just trying to be helpful.
I could just let you do the rest!

Your not very gracious...
 I should surly say,
I have, half a mind to,
Just leave and go away!

Oh did we wake the baby?
Please, let me... I will go,
I will snuggle her up good...
And give her kisses on the nose!
Oh no,
I'll just stay longer,
If you would, please,
Just hand me her bottle,
I can do it with ease.
Oh, you have an
important appointment?
Somewhere you have to be?
I will just get the baby,
No, no problem at all,
I'm a good sitter, you will see!

Oh, she has to go with you?
How long do you let her cry?
I could go change her diaper,
I bet she isn't very dry!
 I guess I'll see you later,
I thought you knew
I was coming by,
You just could have told me,
There's no need to be shy!

So come here, give me a hug,
Look at you, are you crying?
We just have this flu bug!
We're not dying!
by: ~ charlene kibbey maynard ~
copyright April 9, 2002 all rights reserved
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