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In Loving Memory,
I opened my eyes to yet another day,
Got on my puter, wanting to play.
Thinking missing you, it had made me sad,
What Bill Gates did, has made me mad!
Thought I'd check my email,
It's like answering the door...
Except, you can move like a smail
And your appearence, you can ignore!
And there she was... once and again!
"Fog"... I tried to remember since when,
I had to blink and blink and rub my eyes...
It was Arlene, what a pleasent surprise!
What a wonderful beginning
Enterlude... to a perfect day!
Email, again she was sending...
Bringing out smiles, what can I say?
Arlene...Yahooo... she was back,
We all  had  missed her so...
She had better be here... now to stay,
And never again.. to go!
Arlene we all love you!
What more can I say?
But, where did your "Ch-" go?
You'd be more like me, in a way.
Yet when I think about it
Just send that "Ch-" away!
I love you as you are,
Just so glad you came out to play!
"Just add Ch- to your name", I tease,
You could do it... with such ease.
But I guess, that just wouldn't do.
Now I realized, now I knew,
Adding in the Ch-,
Just wouldn't be the same...
I love you as you are, Arlene,
And not for your name!
You bring a ray of sunshine,
To faces... far and near...
You... just being back on line,
Is all, I need to hear!
Now life can move on
Once more and again.
Arlene is back online...
I have missed you, my dear friend!
God bless you Always! 
~ charlene kibbey maynard ~
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