Rodeo Days 2007


(2/23-4/07) It's a 4-day holiday weekend here in Tucson, and a lot of kids go away with their families on vacation, but not the Lady Jags! Nearly the entire team showed up at 8am for practice today to work for 4 hours on match play to prepare for next week's kickoff of our season. I've said a lot about the enthusiasm and work ethic of these wonderful student/athletes, so here are some photos to back me up.

For four hours, all 8 courts were packed with players.

Priscilla and Daisy exchange wicked backhands in their competitive match.

Erna awaits Carla's serve.

Despite a booboo on her knee, Carla stays focused.

At net, Ana screams as one of Priscilla's bullets barely misses hitting her.

Assistant coach Albert Santa Cruz visited every court, although he was somewhat
unnerved by the sound of Erna's "popping" joints.

Seriously, though - Albert is doing an excellent job with the girls in his first year of coaching the team. He learned to be tough teaching tennis at the Tucson Racquet Club, and he is pushing the girls hard with demanding and innovative drills.

For example, after losing a rally game, Daisy and her teammates must run around the court, dodging balls fired at them by the winners.

Ever the cool girl, Stephanie prepares to hit a forehand winner...

...and has to shush the (imaginary) cheering crowd afterwards.

Don't let the hair in her eyes fool you - Evelyn is ready at net.

Mayra steps in to punch a winning volley, and on the right foot!

Talk about ready position - no one does it better than these Li'l Jags (from left) Kyla, Julie, and Jennifer.

Kyla wears her game face as Julie serves...

...and they celebrate after winning the point!

Betzi and Ashley take a moment from routing the competition to pose.

Ashley watches in awe as Betzi goes low to slam a winner.

We emphasize sportsmanship, and here (from left) Erna and Priscilla shake hands with Daisy (hidden) and Stephanie after a narrow win.

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