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I use to live in New York before I moved to Tucson, AZ, and I use to be a fan of the yankees. I still like them but I am now a bigger fan of the the Arizona Diamondbacks. If the yankees are in the world series and the Diamondbacks are not the I will root for the yankees.


MatsuiMatsui came to the Yankees in the 2003 season, and has been a very big asset to them ever since. He is from japan and he is really good at baseball. Even though they did not win to the word series he did not help them win. Mabey next year or mabey not. ClemensRoger Clemens was a starting picther for the yankees for many years. The 2002-2003 season was his last season. He has been a big asset to the team for all the time he played. He knew that his time was up. He had done his job and he had done his job right. He did the best he could for all the seasons he played.
WilliamsBernie Williams has been on the team for almost as long as Roger Clemens. But he is stil on the team now. He is a very big asset to the yankees for all of the years that he has been there. He will also be a very big asset to them in the upcoming season. AndyAndy Pettitte is another pucther for the the yankees. Now he is on the Astros because he got traded. This is a big loss for the yankees. It was a very bad decison for them.