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The Minnesota Vikings have been my favorite team for a while now this season they are having a fairly good season and have a good chance of going to the playoffs and mabey even go to the Superbowl and even wining it.


Minnesota Vikings 2003-2004 Roster
Randy Moss
Randy MossRandy moss is a starting wide reciver for the minnesota vikings. He is very good with his feet and and is a very big asset to the team. Him and Dante Culpepper are like a battery they just work toghether really good.
Daunte Culpepper
Dante Culpepper is the other part of the battery of him and randy moss. He in the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. He passes for over 100 yards each game. Him and Randy Moss work really good toghether, that why the Vikings have such a good team this year.
Vikings Helmate
N/A Angulo, Richard TE
33 Avery, John RB
85 Bates, D'Wayne WR
23 Bennett, Michael RB RB
87 Berton, Sean TE
54 Biekert, Greg MLB
78 Birk, Matt C
42 Brewer, Jack FS
81 Burleson, Nate WR
16 Campbell, Kelly WR
21 Chavous, Corey CB
55 Claiborne, Chris LB
52 Crockett, Henri LB
11 Culpepper, Daunte QB
86 Davis, Nick KR
71 Dixon, David G
8 Elling, Aaron K
48 Farmer, Steve TE
12 Frerotte, Gus QB
83 Goodwin, Hunter TE
56 Henderson, E.J. LB
13 Hill, Shaun QB
99 Hovan, Chris DT
82 Howry, Keenan WR
22 Irvin, Ken CB
51 Johnstone, Lance DE
4 Johnson, Eddie P
31 Jones, Rushen CB
61 Kelly, Lewis OT
25 Kelly, Eric CB
95 Killings, Cedric DT
40 Kleinsasser, Jim TE
43 Liddiard, Brody LS
62 Lindsay, Everett G
76 Liwienski, Chris G
96 Lyon, Billy DT
74 McKinnie, Bryant OT
79 Mixon, Kenny DE
84 Moss, Randy WR
59 Nattiel, Michael LB
38 Nelson, Rhett CB
24 Offord, Willie S
98 Robbins, Fred DT
58 Rogers, Nick LB
75 Rosenthal, Mike T
27 Russell, Brian S
97 Sawyer, Talance DE
57 Smith, Raonall LB
32 Smith, Onterrio RB
45 Stackhouse, Charles FB
26 Walker, Denard CB
94 Wiley, Chuck DE
20 Williams, Moe RB
29 Williams, Brian DB
93 Williams, Kevin DT
60 Withrow, Cory C