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For 10 yrs now ive been in the game.. Still suckas out there tryna shame my name.. Back to the war where I becameÖ Using this bitch for financial games.. Shit tell me that money donít grow on trees.. It does when you break it down a thousand kees.. Dís and Bís.. Oís and GísÖ and then the connecta over sees.. So do that shit put in work.. me and the clicka doing dirt.. bitch made hoes all show there skirts.. left overs with there feelings hurt.. muthafukas out there love to talk there game.. but shit when they live but it aint no thang.. together lokotes that love to bang.. compared to the ones that hang.. whatever you do donít let the cold streets beat youÖ str8 strapped.. with the gat in ur lap.. keep it packed.. cuz these muthafukas tryna beat u.. for the money.. the lust.. dead mans lust.. donít know when ima have to bust.. when I return and no one to trust.. I stay strapped with my bullet proof vest.. cause these hatas tryna to lay me to rest.. hit me hard right through the chest.. gotta lil kid to look after.. and if I die then my child will be a bastard.. --§ę«£žÁKŗ§÷ŮŤĽ§--
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