Pues The Hyna In The Pic Up There Is None Other Then MY Baby Boo But OtherWise Known As La Temptations...Tempting Isnt She? :0D).....Well Too Bad She Minez Fuckerz... Pues Lorie I Just Want You To Know That Since Day 1 You Have Always Been There For Me And Im Thankful Of That... You Made Me Realize Things That I Thought Were WorthLess... You Showed M How To Love... And I Want You To Know Que Ill Always Love You No Matter What... Im Your Boy And Your My Boo.. Even If your With Junior Orita.. Pero Remember Que Im Waiting For You... And Ill Wait As Long As It Takes Till You Gimme Another Chance To Show My Love For You.. Pues Babe Take Care For Now.. And Remember Im Here For You Para Siempre.. Ill Always Love You... --Your Boy Juan--

Lorie On The Left Side