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Welcome to my new sitio.. Eighteen Street! The new long awaited site has just takin effect and It goes out to all the vatos y hynas representando South Side Lts. Ganga 77Cinco Y La Calle Diesiocho.. North, South, East & West... I will be adding alot more to the site as time goes by so kik back as it comes and be sure to check back for more shit later on. If you have any questions e-mail me at casual dreamin@hotmail.com. More things are added to this site all the time and it is updated weekly so be sure to come back some time. If you have anything you might want on here or suggestions hitt me up with an email This site does not put disrespect towards anybody or any race so dont get offended by anything on here and hate on the site Just remember that Brown Pride will take over...If you are offended in anyway by this site then you can contact me with your comments. More pages comin soon, some are already on the way but in construction..so kik back and cum another time Hitt up my guest book and lemme know your thoughts...pues for now im out I'll be back...keep trucha..y dont let no one get you down!!! ---Mister Silent---
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