Our Chihuahua's

Bella is a lavender with tan points Chihuahua.
Bella weighs in at a whopping 2 lbs but thinks she weighs 200 lbs.
Bella gives a whole new meaning to the word Diva.
She struts around the house like a Queen.
She is not the least bit intimidated by our Great Danes

Pinche' our our longcoat black tri and weighs 4 lbs
Pinche' is a sweet girl and thinks she is Bella's mom by
cleaning and taking care of her.
Pinche' also loves the Great Danes. Dolly is her favorite
she also enjoys sleeping with our cats Sy Sy Kitty and Magger Kitty

Here is Bella and Pinche' pictured with their friend Lil Peach
(owned by Treasure Hauer-Wiley)

Bella's first Pro picture 10 mos.