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CMGamer United - Updates (25/01/03)
As you can see Pre-Season is finished, our first and last round of the league cup was played and we are progressing well in the league. It is my birthday on Monday so updates will be varied but I will be sure to post any match-updates etc on the CMGamer Forums.

CMGamer United - OPEN! (23/01/03)
Alright guys, I have finished work, the site is complete and we are ready to get the first season underway. The first friendly results are up and I will update the site by putting up 1/2 matches on the site every night. If you have any queeries, catch me on MSN, CMGamer Forums or E-Mail me!

CMGamer United - Official Site (22/01/03)
Don't accept no other, because the official CMGamer United site has finally begun construction, over the next couple of days I will be plugging up the site and uploading information on the team onto the site. Bare with me though as it has been a while since I was webmaster of a site.

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