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book reviews

by R.A. Salvator

good book good book. well thought-out, extremely well-written, excellent. exceptional.
Mr. Salvator is a superb writer who never bores an audience bc he doesnt drone on about the politics in sw. i hate the political crap that they put in the novels; it bores me to death. in fact, i skipped more than half of "vision of the future" bc of it.
ANYWAY, the book captured my attention from the very beginning, which many novels do NOT do. i am very hard to please when it comes to books. i liked all the extra little details (when they visit lando and go flying in the asteroid feild) because it really emphasized the relationship between chewy and han and his children, which i think was needed to emphasize the impact of chewie's death. i also liked to see the relationship between mara and leia because you really dont see much interaction between them and i think they should put more.
it was great fun to see them all interacting with one another after such a big gap in the novels. it was like seven years sw time, and like three here so i liked the fresh new look at everything: there's no more luke who's all meloncholy and creepy calm, no more mara who's out to kill everyone (though she was fun to read) leia isnt trying to keep the new republic together as the empire tries to rip it apart, han isnt off trying to be all smart-ass and witty and young (yet) and the kids have finally grown up and learned a few things about the galaxy (they really were making me mad with their stupidity). i liked to see luke and mara working as a team here--i know you see it alot in VOTF, but here it has a knew...feel? it i guess. again i thought it was all big fun to see them actually talking to each other, even if only for a short time.
the yuuzhan vong here were refreshing and new, not just your average "im gonna blow you up just bc im evil" type villan. they actually had sturdy beleifs under their purposes for trying to kill everyone. the bio thing gets really stupid and frusterating sometimes but hey its science fiction, stupid things happen. the vong were just really cool to see for the first time. now, however, they r just getting annoying, but hey.
i loved the emotional...stuff...he did in here because when chewie dies i was almost like "NOO!" as i was reading it. you feel so attatched to the character and you just don't want them to be killed off! after he died i had to pause to let it sink in for a sec, and i thought about like all the things he and han had done, the movies, the whole spiel...just like most people do when someone really DOES die. i loved--and hated--the rift between han and anakin after that. it was so REAL, i just couldnt get over it. sounds corny, huh? i love reading. this is what i do.
so overall i would definately give this book an A+, hands down. READ THIS BOOK!!!