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this book was about 695 pages long, so needless to say, it took me days to read it. as i have stated earlier, i skip all boring parts, political parts, and the empirial parts in the older books. so it took me alot less time than the people who read nearly every single page. aNYWAY, i thought it was a great book. it had plenty of action, romance, and plot twists. the perfect engredients for an exciting read. i thought it could have been a good book even without all the extra little things that were going on...half of which i skipped. i am glad that zahn found out a way to fix all the damage done to luke's character. he doesnt seem like the annoying creepy hermit he was depicted as in I, Jedi. mara is as cool as ever, perfectly written. i thought it was slightly amusing how she knocked HERSELF out, but maybe thats just me.
as everyone knows already, luke and mara get angaged (SP! sry!) in the book, which i was SO happy about! too bad they had to wait seven years before a little brat came around. i thought their could have been more romance in their whole relationship, i mean, i knew they were FREINDS and that luke was developing feelings for mara, but it says very little about mara's feelings about luke. maybe it was just something that came upoun her that she never really realized.
i liked the scene with the chiss in the fortress so much i acted it out as an assignment in front of my entire class--i got an A.
i cant remember all of the little things that happened that i actually read because it has been so long, but i do remember han and leia being written really well, and it was cool to see something going on with han and lando. thrawn wa sgetting annoying so im glad he was out of the pic after this book.
overall, id give this book an A. sorry i couldnt give a better review--im tired.