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November 19, 2001
R.I.P today my grandpa died. please pray fro my ver upset family.
i found some time this morning to add a lovely Mara Jade wallpaper, created and provided by SCOTT! thanx scott! check it out. (btw, i am working on a way to add text just below the image to give Scott full credit, but i havent had time, sorry!--its been a rough day, bear with me!)
October 22, 2001
ya know, the only thing harder than updating the site is updating the updates section! i have added so many things since july 20th, i amaze even myself! recently though, i have added a new counter a book review and a wallpaper. have a snoop!

July 20, 2001
Don't go to my Josh page; it's a mess! I have been forgetting to update the updates section so there's lots of news: first off, my page is redesigned, courtesy of my freind, 'ARYN'! Check out her site here. No news as far a visitors go because i have none! But if you happen by my page plz spread the word about me and lift a banner to link me...please?

June 12, 2001
I have my Josh page up!!!! Well, actually it's more like the OPENING page right now, but i am working as fast as i possibly can!!! visit it every few days and i garuntee more will be there! the Josh MUST, i repeat, MUST be capitalized or else it WILL NOT WORK!!! It's called "Wishfull Thinking..." and i hope it will grow to be pretty good.

June 10, 2001
ok I am pretty much done polishing the current pages up, but i am going to add more so i guess i am kinda out of updates untill i get those links going. just so whoever comes here knows: I AM MAKING A JOSH HARTNETT PAGE VERY VERY SOON!!!!! so look for the link to it in the next couple months.