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thank you!

Ok, now for all the copyright crap no one cares about:
Unfortunately, I do not own Luke or Mara. I wish i did. I don't know who took these pics, but I either lifted them off of sites that never mentioned anything about asking, or I asked the webmasters for themok ok, I lifted a couple without permission. I'M SORRY!!!!!!!!! I guess it's kind of late now to be asking... It's just a couple pictures, right?
ANYWAY, Luke and Mara belong to Geroge Lucas and Timothy Zahn, the Gods of all...everything. They rock. If anyone has a problem with my site, just lemme know and I'll see what i can do. If I ever lift a pic off of your site in the future and you don't want it on my site, I will gladly remove it. If you are a big legal guy and you come by my site and think I am violating copyright laws for whatever reason, DON'T ARREST ME! Tell me what it is and I'll fix it. I am stupid. I don't do these things on purpose. ok, enough blabbing. I want to thank SOOO many people, I don't think i will EVER remember them all. Ummm...I'll start with THANK YOU!!!! You gave me something to do in my spare time. I needed a break from TV. And from my crappy laptop. And the phone. And from my freinds. And from my family. And from...never mind. Next, I want to say a HUGE thank you to Aryn. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! she is the webmaster of one of my favorite sites, and has put up with my repeated guest-book signings, my MILLION e-mails askin for help with all the html *@&#, listened to me complain, everything. i hope you didn't get too pissed off!!! YOU R THE BEST! Then, I want to thank all of my freinds at school who (most of them) let me talk about Star Wars 24/7 and blab about the books they didn't even care about, and listen to me get mad at this author or that character, and who rarely ever complained and tried to refrain from slapping me across the face more than twice a day. I LOVE YOU ALL YOU KNOW WHO YOU R. I HAVE to mention my BFF's for LIFE: SAM I AM     lol, Ktp, u r the sweetest girl i know and i will love you forever and thank your bro for giving me the, quote un-quote:"killer advice" R U HAPPY NOW?! lyl sweetie. O and of course, Tommy. Actually, u slapped me MORE than twice a day, j/k. I love you all, DAVID I HATE U U DUMPED ME!!! .
Now, i want to thank my mom who put up with my screaming when I got mad at whatever book or really happy when i read Balance Point and Conquest. Thank you dad for helping me laugh about my addiction to Star Wars and the computer. And to my brother and sisters who listened quietly for five minutes before they walked away instead of just leaving the room right away (as you told me how dumb i was! grrr) Um, now I want to thank....whoever even comes to this site because i doubt anyone is actually reading this!!! Lastly, though, I want to thank Sean B. just for the hell of it...i guess bc you always listen to me gripe and help me through my crises. That doesn't really have much to do with SW, but o well. I am bored!!!! Ok, peace out, all u crappers.