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Edge of Victory II:

A+ !!! greg keys is SUCH a good author! a good sequel to conquest--better even. you could tell that he had more time to think things out this time so it made the book alot better. things didnt seem so rushed. i think this book has more highlighted lines than i have ever done out of my whole collection; greg uses a wonderful mix of humor, action and romance that intrigued me even though i read all the spoilers. my favorite part was when jaina slapped kyp--he deserved it! i am surprised he managed so many plot lines within such a small space and they didnt seem so crammed. i feel guilty bc i skip all of the vong parts--they bore me! and i TRIED to sit through all the political crap, but i got the idea and skipped to the good parts. as is my tradition, i read the last paragraph first and was glad to know that lukes baby is healthy. ill be interested to find out how anakin and tahiri turn out, and i cant wait to see if someone kills kyp!!! jacen desperately needs a girl and it's starting to show. big time.
i thought han was especially cute in this book and whenever he felt sad because of jacen i couldnt help but smile and go "AWW!". i am glad he put jacen back in his place so maybe i wont want to rip his head off in the next book, and am also glad to see their relationship healing. i think anakin needs it more, however.
the age difference between anakin and tahiri is kind of big, but i just find the whole situation adorable and im glad it FINALLY came!!!!!! i think its interesting reading about tahiri and how she is dealing with the whole incident that happened to her. it would be cool if she got in a fist-fight with another grl over her scars.
overall this book was really good and i talked 2 non-sw fans into reading it and they are actually EXCITED to read it! thats how good this book is. it is definately worth the 7 dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!