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book reviews

by: Kristine Katherine Rusch
the new rebellion was an excellent book. i just refreshed myself and skimmed it a few times

The book moved at an excellent pace, the humor and drama in just the right places, and the twists and turns make it all the more exciting to read. getting a glimpse into an evil mind and following han in his hilarious and yet suspensful adventure through space.

I liked the interaction between han and leia at the beginning, after the explosions but before the trouble starts. Han being a concerned husband, looking after his wife and his kids. Leia's diplomatic situation was a little boring, but it picked up after a while.

Luke's interaction with the children was adorable, showing his more human side, as an uncle, not just a jedi master.

Han's situation at the asteroid made me laugh out loud, again and again. The whole thing with getting shot in the butt?! HILARIOUS, I thought. A nice touch to the plot; like i said, humor in just the right places.

Kueller (i think his name was) was an interesting aspect of the story, but I hate it when everyone was like, "he's one of the worst threats we have ever faced" because they ALWAYS say that about a new enemy. But when leia ripped off the mask, I felt kind of sad, because he was "just a child".

thi book deserves an A- ! It was funny suspensful and dramatic--everyone should read it, really.