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The Courtship of Princess Leia
by: i dunno and i dont care!

this was the stupidest book i have ever read in my entire life! the whole time i was reading it i couldn't help but imaging some corny soap opera going on! i hate soaps. i cringed eery other sentance when the writer pitifully attempted wit and humor, and when isolder was described as "muscular" and having "long blonde hair and blazing blue eyes" or however the author described them, i was laughing so hard had to set the book down to regain my composure. man, that guy fell of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down! i almost burned the book there and then.
everyone was SO out of character i almost didnt know them, and i threw the book away halfway through. i don't know WHO allowed this book to be printed, but im convinced they were on acid when they did. as for the author, who knows what coctail of drugs he was on when writing this book! han was acting like a selfish baby, but not in his NORMAL way. and leia was acting lie a spoiled little princess who forgets the GREAT bf shes had for the past, like wut 4 or 8 years, and decides to go out with fabio! she could have at least chosen someone charming, in such a non-traditional way like, o...HAN! and what was with the sexy bodygaurds? i thought women were supposed to be DOMINANT, first o all, secod of all POWERFUL. and yet it still seems that a girl has to be SEXY no matter what. they have to look good to please the inferior males or else they wont ever get married??? god i hate that!
ANYWAY, back to the review: i thought all the males in this book acted like they were slaves to testosterone and all the women, namely leia, acted like little brats who swooned and wanted prince charming to sweep them off their feet so they could live happily ever after. the whole night sister's thing was...interesting, but luke's character by this point in the books was so far gone i didnt really care wut happened to him. the whole han winning a planet thing was ok, but when he SHOT leia, put her in the STORAGE COMPARTMENT on his ship to kidnap her to win her heart back, i was on the last bit of patience. i skipped almost everything when they got mixed wit the night sisters and their rancors, and stpped long enough to read the crap when han was about to "sacrifice himself so his woman could be happy" or wutever the hell was going on there. o, the comment on how his pants fit was classic. that was icing on the cake. after han was captured and isolder ran off with the blonde-headed night sister with the skimpy loin cloth or whatever she was wearing, and luke flew the falcon with the Force, i read ahead about their wedding, and threw the book in the garbage can with all the trash just like it. i give this book an F...MINUS! an F- okay? THATS how bad this book is. DONT READ IT!!!