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edge of victory I: Conquest
by: gregory keys

conquest was a great book! i have never read the junior jedi knights series so it was cool to see some new faces. but not NEW faces...if that makes any sense. i think it would have been stupid if greg came up with all these characters at once. anyway, i have really been interested in anakin since vector prime bc so much happens to his character and he just didnt get enough attention in the last few novels. i REALLY enjoyed reading about tahiri bc for once a sw character looks and acts like ME! i feel special. so it was fun seeing their whole relationship unfold. the little hints that greg dropped about the future of their relationship were like a dead giveaway and for once id like to be surprised but i guess that wont happen. o well.
i thought it was really cool being able to see the vong culture in depth bc it just seems more REAL when they have beleifs to back their attack, unlike the emporer who was just an egotistical maniac out to get everyone just to make an exciting movie. and who'd have thought a vong would side with a jedi??? very interesting. but the whole biotechnology thing is starting to piss me off now. its really getting annoying bc u would think they have to have SOME sort of non bio-technology in order to live, but i guess they just conviniently have everything they could ever possibly need in living creatures *rolls eyes*. whatever, its just getting old.
even though the book was rushed and u could tell, it actually wasnt that bad. i wish the very beginning would have been a little more emphasized (when anakin feels luke sort of lose hope). it didnt really hit u with any sort of impact that greg was probably going for.
anyway, i am disappointed that leia and han arent in the book at all bc they r really cool and i think we kinda needed to see how they were doing after she was almost beaten to death and all. o well, maybe next novel.
so this desfinately gets a B+ and i am SOO looking forward to rebirth!