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by: Kathy Tyers

what to say about balance point. well i think it had alot of great parts and alot of...weird? parts, but overall i guess i give it something like a "B". kathey tyres i think portrayed luke and mara's relationship excellently, but i cant say the same about han and leia. i thought the reunion was too rushed and corny. i mean, wouldn't you think that after months of fighting and being apart they would have had 1) more things to say and 2) therefore would have taken longer than 2 minutes to just kiss and make up.
on the upside, i was really excited that mara FINALLY got pregnant but i still think shes a little old and i dont know why the authors waited so long for a babay to come along. for the love of god. ANYWAY, i must admit all the political stuff bores me so i skip thos pages after skimming it a bit so i dont miss anything, but kathy didnt bore me as much as james luceno. i thought it was slightly rushed and would have enjoyed it much more if i could have read it over a period of DAYS (i read it all in one night) instead of just in like 6 hours.
so overall i think it was a really good book and a pleasure to read, but it needed a LITTLE more to be A+ work.