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Cast Photos:

Fearless Fighters

Cheung Ching Ching Kong Ming Yee Yuen Chan Hung Lit
Ma Chi Mo Man Hung Yeung Lit So Gam Lung
Han Chiang Hon Siu Kwan Hung Chan Yau San
Wong Fei Lung Wong Jun Tong Chi Wai Wong Chau Hung
Yim Chung Gam Man Hei Cheung Siu Gwan Hong Dai Tung
Cheung Ching Fung

To Be Identified:

1. 4. 6. 8.
9. 10. 11.

The on-screen acting credits include the following names (the identified actors are omitted): Cheng Kin Nam, Kwok Choi Wan, Heung Yeung, Tong Chi Wai, Leung Joi Sing, Ng Fei Sung.

Last revised December 25, 2006.

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