"Pic Page"

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Okay...here we go a few more pic's from my trip to Daytona, Florida!!

Papa Bear out for a liesurly ride after he had his porage(heck with the nap)!

This was an awsome bike..."White Tiger".

These people are everywhere in Daytona...I think they breedem this way!

Resting in Georgia!

This bike in the front display window of the "Froggy Saloon" is made up of bones, and skeletins of animals, is for sale...if you wanna pay $100,000.00 for it! NOTICE, The armadillo kickin back on the seat enjoying a Budwiser.

Check back...might add few more as I work here and there on my pages. Thanks!! and I hope you enjoyed your visit. (click "back" on your browser to return to main page)