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To My Brother Davie
A Tribute To David L. Zandi
May 26, 1956 - June 28, 1995

Our family wasn't very close,
Theres six of us in all.
There is one I'll miss the most,
The one I cannot call.

For now he is taken away,
Somewhere I cannot reach.
I wanted him so much to stay,
To talk to me and preach.

He preached to me quite offten,
Too often to recall;
And I pretended to listen,
It made him feel real tall.

I cannot say "I Love You",
For now he cannot hear .
But at least I know its true,
My love he'll still hold dear.

This person is my friend,
Ever since I was a baby;
And I would like to send,
This "See You!" to brother Davie.

Even tho it's not forever,
I'll be seeing you again.
You can never say never,
For we will meet again.

Those years we were apart,
And the times that we missed,
We will have a new start ,
Up in the clouds and mist.

So "See You" for now dear friend,
Ans keep us close to you,
Remember there is no end,
Up in the skies so blue.

All My Love Forever,
Your Little Sister.

We have all got to be aware of "AIDS" the disease that takes
our family, friends, and children! Please talk to the
loved ones in your family, and spread the word, not the disease!
and if you happen to be one of those uneducated, folk
whom think this can't happen to your family...Well all
I have to say on that is...I pray for you and yours!
Thanks to all the others out there for making memorials for your
loved one and sharing your grief and loss as I am!
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