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Candie's Home Page

As you will see I like "Pooh"... ALOT!!

Ok now a little about me. I'm 17 years old, A Libra, currently working on my GED at home, Then plan to go to cosmetology school, and in my spare time I like to spend time driving my Mom nutso!! I also like spending time on the phone with my boyfriend Dane, my sister Nikki, and my thousands of friends, ok maybe not thousands but Mom thinks it's that many (Well Duh....what girl doesn't like talking on the phone)?? Ok! ok! BESIDES my Mom!! I also like Snowmobiling with my Mom and her friends (she tries to bump me off). But thats ok there's always someone behind us to pick me up if she achieves this goal of hers. I also like to play games ALL DAY on the P.C.

Other things I like or enjoy are...Harleys, The Cinncinati Bengals, Listening to Classic Rock and Hip Hop, Dancing, and the color PINK!!!

Well thats all I can think of for now. So come back sometime and maybe I'll have added something! See you!

If you wish

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