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Ryans list of everything needed for Carputer
Part Brand  Part number price location link optional 
CD/DVD burner Samsung TS-H552B  $       65.00 no
120GB IDE Hard Drive Western Digital WD1200JB  $       80.00 no
Memory 512 mb kit PDP systems PDC5122700LLK  $       87.00 no
Motherboard Asus  P4P800-VM   $       91.00 no
Power Supply Ahanix Silenx  X198   $       42.00 no
Processor Intel  celeron   $       72.00 no
TV/FM Tuner Hauppauge  WINTV401   $       73.00 no
Touch Screen Monitor Starvision SP-7VGAT  $      299.95 no
Sound card Turtle Beach TBS-3400  $       47.99 yes, possible use of intergrated
Wi-Fi card Linksys WMP54G  $       50.00 yes not needed but a good thing to have 
power inverter apc PNOTEAC350  $       46.84 no
misc parts   case parts, wires, ect.   $       50.00
amplifiers all ready have
speakers all ready have
total  $   1,004.78