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Tell me why you like Luke Walton. I will put it up this page so everybody can read it. Hopefully one day Luke Walton will come to this site.

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Why do you like Luke?

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1) Shayne - I like Luke because he is a really good player. And he is really cute. :) Luke is a Hottie with a Body!!!
2) Kristen - i became a luke fan after i saw him, rick anderson, and jason gardener interviewed on best damn sports show period. i thought he was cute and i love his voice, and ohh yeah hes a good player.
3) Amanda, www - i like luke because he is a good player and HOT OMG HOT i saw him this summer at the summer pro league and OMG when i saw him my jaw droped to the floor and then he smiled and OMG that guy is hot. now i just sound weird but he is really Hot which helps but Luke is a good player
4) Zina - I love Luke because he's hot, a great basketball player with a lot of potential, and he is so down to earth. Plus, I got to see him at a game and he waved cause my sign read, "Luke Walton's #1"
5) Sarah - I like Luke because he's a really intelligent basketball player who is only going to get better in future years. Oh yea and he's extremely attractive :)
6) Krissy - look at that body... he's very cute. excellent player. he's just the GREATEST!!!!!!! :)
7) Angie - I just wanna say that he i soooooo cute and he knows how to play! once again i say he is SOOOO CUTE!
8) Rachel - oh man, the day i went to the march 6th basketball game and sat in the 8th row on the floor, i was in love. he is so hot and so non selfish with the ball. a greatplayer with a great it....xoxoxoxo