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> > > > >N.a.V.i.G.a.t.S.H.u.N< < < < <


411 on Me



CaRtOoN DoLlz

KuTe PiX


Yo WusTUp?! lOokz lYk yOoh jUx SbRAllEd aLl uPOn mY PaYG..bUta yO....WelCOmE Ta My PaYg....
Ya bES KnO WuTcHa GoTa Du.... fEeL fREe tA ChECc oWt DeEz

My 411 My ViEt PaYg


CaRtOoN DoLlzKuTe PiCz


ReMeMBA AzN PrYdE Ta Da FRiLLiZ!!! RePrEsEnT'N AzN PrYd YAY,YAY! BeTTa ReCoNiZ3!!!

*We are AzN, we are proud
Scream our name, Scream it Loud
We are Azn, We hab clazz
Dun't meSz wit Us, or we'll kick ya azz!
We are Azn, We hab power
We'll win diZ fite, Lesz th'n 1 hOuR!
We are AzN, We hab grace
MeSs wit Us, We'll FawK ya Face!
We are Azn, We hav pryde,
enh so all ya Azn haterz
betta Run 'N' Hide!!!*

Asian Pryde is in my mind,
Asian blood is in my kind,
So step aside enh let meh thru
Cuhz itz all bout dah Asian Krew,
Asian lub is all around,
For my fellow Asians,
Neva let meh down,
Show yur Pryde enh say it's tru,
Caz Asian blood flows thru yooh.
Asian Pryde -4- Lyfe 'n' Eternity!!!

Itz not dark nor lite,
Itz pure Asian, yeh tat's ryt!
Asian pride thru thick 'n' thin,
Cuhz we Asianz alwayz win!
We're strong, in enh out.
Thatz wat Asianz are all about.
We dunt take no shiit from yooh,
Cuhz we can take yur azz on too!
ASIAN PRIDE! We stick by our side,
enh if yooh hab a problem wyf that...
den let's take it outside!
To all da Asianz, rememba it's tru,
That Asian blood flows thru u...


AzIaN PrYd 'Til Da DaY I DiE!!!
No ReASoN Ta LiE.
So StEp AsIdE.
U'r KiCk'N iT oN Da AzIaN SiDe,
So StEp AsIdE B4 We ReGuLaTe.
KeEp It ReAl,
CuhZ AzIaN WiLL...

Asian Fire

Eva since da start
Us Asianz hav falln apart
But thix day in age
Is wen we display
Our Asian Pride
It brings uz tagetha
Maken us rise foreva n eva
enh yooh cant stop wut wev dun
Caz face it,
Wev alredy won
We kno how to du thingz right
We kno how to put up a good fight
Its our Asian Pride
That helps tha AzN side
Each year haz passd
Now its tiome fa yooh ta see that Asians last
Cuhz wev got pride
enh Asians are on tha RIZE
So dunt even try
Caz well make u cry
Bend down enh beg fo da mercy yooh need
Bow down ta tha onez yooh should obey indeed!

It's da A-Z-N, nikuh fuk tha rest!
Dallas to New York, Jigga we'r da best
Vietnam to Japan to Mongolia
Philippines to Taiwan to Cambodia
Korea, Ah, Ah
Hometown China hu yooh got, Huh?
Yooh got shiit nikuh, feel da Size
It's da AZN betta reconize!
Got rice biitch, got rice?
Got food, got soup, got spice
Got brainz like us, got skillz like us?
Got carz, got clothz, got guhrz like us?
Wuts sup we tha shiit we kill yall foolz
We got money in tha banks from our family jewelz
Can we help it if we rain enh corrupt da skulz?
It dunt matta fawk tha law shiit we break tha rulez
We jack carz, fawk games, yo we got da toolz
Hoop it up, break it down, den we go shoot som pool
Fawk wyf meh, yooh fawk wyf all ov us dun't think itz kool
1 on 1 fuk that, it's 3 on 1, no duels
Got rice biitch, got rice?
N-e-than yooh can show thatz nice
Got cats, got roots, got dawgz like us?
Fuk no, hell no yur white yooh'll neva beh like us!
Take off yur shoes wen yooh enta plz
Or crawl round on da floor wit yur fawkn kneez!
Dunt mind that smell yooh'll get used to it
Mothballs, Fry squid, enh tat Buddha shit
Wut tha hell iz tat? yooh think I dunt see?
No forks in da houz, chopsticks only
Hab a taste, Dunt beh scared ta try tha lemon tea
Yooh dunt want ta tats alryt try da fuk home weed
Got rice biitch, got rice?
Got luck n e tiome ya roll da dice
Yur luck iz bad unlezs yooh run n hide
Caz we'r thugz fa lyfe baybe, Asian Pride!!!

Aiitez, 1 LuB 'n' i'M OwT!!!


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