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HOller to my peeps and family in cali and colorado

YAY A PLACE FOR MY POEMS and other stuff ....not that theyre good or anything

Love that was never told

This feeling in my gut, I dont know why its there
I thought we were through
But I guess thats was not true
becasue I know you want me and I want you too
I shouldve told you that I loved you
I thought there was lots of time
I knew I was lying
this time that I lost when I couldve made
you mine is now forever gone into space
but then you slipped away from me into the darkness
I kept reaching for you
but you melted away
no you not here when I need you the most
I guess its to late to say I love You

Together Again

We turned our backs to each other
Never to meet
I thought i saw you crying
those perfect tears ran down your pretty face
but I couldnt make myself turn and comfot you
My heart waas hard as stone and nothing
could break it
then we turned and faced each other staring
Saying sorry
I knew words were not needed
your eyes told me everything
you ran to me and hugged me
saying everything will be ok
I felt my heart of stone melting with love
and all it took to bring us together was tears