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Ok, ok, so you've stepped on your first ant. And you've wished you could punch a certain aggravating person riiight in their smug little face when they INSIST on correcting your (already perfect) speech. But just how EVIL are you? Are you PUNKY material? Find out... next week on THE SIMPSONS!! Just kidding, you can take this ziuQ RIGHT NOW and discover your inner evil!

You see a crisp wad of money on the floor. 'Yay!' you think, but after you pick it up, you look up and see a long trail of crisp wads of money falling out of an oblivious guy's briefcase. If you don't tell him, he'll never know!

a) I pocket the wad I've got and skip off, whistling. Hey, he's probably a major criminal or something, I'm probably doing the WORLD a favour by giving him his comeuppance. (And this wad is just enough to get me that cool top I wanted.)

b) I follow him all the way to his house, picking up the wads of money and pocketing them. If anyone else tries to snatch a wad, I growl at them evilly. Then I smash his head open with my trusty mallet and grab his stuff. I needed a new briefcase.

c)I alert him IMMEDIATELY, help him pick up the money, and skip off merrily before I can be thanked, because Rugrats is showing on Nickelodeon and I want to watch how those EVIL little kids squirt their parents with milk, so I can recreate that in my Science class. Wahey!

d)I pocket a couple of wads, and then tell the loser he's dropping his money. He'll be so grateful that he'll GIVE me some free money. Wahey!

For no reason, this weirdo girl comes up to you and starts picking a fight. What do you do?

a)Try to retaliate, end with a cutting remark and run off to your bedroom where you can cry in peace.

b)Accidentally drop your trusty mallet on her foot and watch her squeal in pain. Then, you repeat this process on her OTHER foot, head and now lifeless body. Giggle evilly, and take back your mallet.

c) Tell her, "Are you aware that I'm rubber and you're glue, and everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you?". If she tries to say anything else, repeat "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, nyaaaah!" over and over, holding your hand over your ears until she gives up.

d) Slap the bitch round the face. Hey, she deserved it. *shrug*

You see a REALLY fit/hot/cute/goddamn attractive guy walking down the street. BUT, he's kinda, sort of, going out with your friend... a little bit? And she's not even your BEST friend. You...

a) Hope he doesn't see you because you want to snag him when you're looking your best.

b) Grab him, plant a (very wet) kiss on his lips, drag him back to your house, video you and him making out on the duvet of your bed (with your mallet propped near the pillows), and send the tape to your 'friend'.

c) Your 'friend' has no taste. You can always get a better guy.

d) Walk past him, smiling flirtatiously. Say slyly, "Hi Gorgeous!" but when he whips round in shock, pretend you were speaking into your phone. THAT'LL keep him on his toes.

How would you kill Mina?

a) I'd hire a hitman.

b) I'll just let my mallet do the talking, shall I?

c) I'd torture her first!!

d) I'd shoot her. Twice. Bang! Bang!

Do you like this quiz?

a) Well, it's not exactly the BEST thing I've ever seen.

b) What you SHOULD be worried about, is whether my MALLET likes it. *evil grin*

c) I like dog doo better.

d) No, because it's one of those stupid crappy ones where you have to count how many a)s or b)s you got.

Mostly As

Sorry, if you got more As than anything else, you're a wannabe. Hard as you try, you just haven't got that SOMETHING we're looking for. Come back in a few years, kid, and remember: SIN IS IN!

Mostly Bs

You are SCARILY evil. Either that, or you have an obsession with mallets. Well done and all, but are you accessing this page from a secret labtop in a mental hospital? Cause that's just WRONG.

Mostly Cs

You're not evil, sorry. You're a brat. You may THINK you're evil, but you're just an overage Rugrat on drugs. But hey, look on the bright side, being bratty will ensure you get far in this world. So rock on!

Mostly Ds

You are BAD. And I like that. Maybe world domination isn't exactly your thang, but hey, it's SO 1998. And all the best criminal masterminds are either, bald, fat or celibates. So, sista, you're probably on the right track!!