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And now for our personal HAPPY HAPPY joyfulness, a story, written in rhyme, written on an Wednesday, written by me. And all those reasons make it GOOOOOOOD! Ahemhemhem!!!

There once was a chick called Clucky B

had an owl friend by the name of Robbie Wi (lliams)

Clucky was oh so lonely

“If I had one wish it would have to be

To see the sea with thee, Robbie”

And this she said to her handsome owl friend

Whom Clucky drove around the bend

So much that he could only spend

An hour with her before he slapped her round the hea…nd

But he couldn’t cos his wing was broken

So anyway as they stood on a bin

An owl and a bowl and an annoying chick-IN

They talked and they walked (not really) about Pins

Because Clucky was fascinated in him

and she was try-IN to chat HIM up dahlin.

So she picked him a flower

And pecked a lawn mower

Because she was a good sewer

And I’ve lost the rythm

and he could play the drums

“May I inquire on how you are?”

asked Robbie politely whilst perching on a bar

Clucky blinked and said “ha ha”

Twinkle twinkle little star

But then he gave her a weird look so she stopped laughing.

In eastenders they say “oooright guv”

But clucky didn’t so that’s enough!

Then suddenly Robbie fell in love

with her cos she wore a rubber glove

on her beak.

So he got a hockey stick

So she would not think him thick

But SHE was cos she bit a brick

and that’s just dumb if you ask Mick

who on a thorn his finger did prick

then one day

Santa’s Sleigh

Rode away

…Kind of…

“MARRY ME CLUCKY B!!!” said oh so desparate owly

and Clucky was very lonely

“okay” said she

“I’ll take you to see the sea with me!” said he.

“SHE SAID OK!!” said me.

So good old Robbie bought a hat,

and went to the wedding on a flying mat

The priest was Archibald the Cheshire cat

who was really really really fat

(hence the squashing of the rat

that was randomly lying in the middle of the church)

So that was that

You little brat.

HOPE YOU LIKED IT MY FRIENDLYWIENDLYPIENDLYS!!! G2g sleepies now, its nearly 7pm!!!

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