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  • alta ego you say?
  • does my bum look big in this?
  • can i get your autographs?
  • ¿Como se llaman?
  • nice rack!
  • how can i get a copy of this magazine to read?

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Hi, and welcome to the official alta ego™ site!! Woop woop! (Shut up.-Ed.) If you've been reading ALTA EGO™, which is the magnificent brainchild of four EXTRAORDINARILY witty people, you should already know that we (We?-Ed.) are fabulous. Very fabulous, to be precise. If you HAVEN'T read the magazine, you are to be pitied, but JUST SEARCH ON ALL OUR PAGES and you'll probably find something you like!
Anyway, we have been secretly ☺(Yeah right!-Ed.) working on this for quite a while and in order to make it the FUNFEST it is now, we had to spend half our lives typing the pages and making the quizzes. So you better enjoy it!! Which no doubt you will... right? Anyhow, a quick introduction- Krankee is a sweet, angelic little angel-from-heaven, Mina is a jazzy, lonely vampiress from a dark castle, Punky is... well, rather sordid really, (I resent that. - Ed.) and Psycho- doesn't her name say it all??? Click on the above links to be transported into...
Click me! Careful, I'm ticklish!

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