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Ecommerce Online

         Differernt Types of Ecommerce

         Just like there are two different types of elements that go along with Ecommerce there are also differnet types of Ecommerce that happen on the Web. The three different types of Ecommere that are mostly used today, they are regular Electronic Commerce, Tradtional Commerce, and last but least there is International Electronic Commerce. Since Different Types of Ecommerceyou already understand regular Ecommerce the two other types of Ecommerce will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

         In addtion to buying and selling products online companies must keep their porduct interesting even after people have bought it. Compaines do this by promoting their products. But how do comapines know what people want or desire in society today? That is where Tradtional Commerce comes into play. Tradtional Commerce is basically indentifing the specific needs of people.To identify people's needs companies send out a person kind of like a spy out into a city and that person looks for ways to make the lives of people easier. For example, the "spy" might notice a person waiting a bus stop and think of a way to make that person get from point A to point B faster then catching the bus. The "spy" then collects all the data that he observes and returns it to the company. The company then designes a new product with the information that it recieves. That is hoe Tradtional Commerce works, and once Tradtional Commerce happens then Online Ecommerce happens.

          The other type of Ecommerce that is used today is called International Electronic Commerce. Internatioal Electronic Commerce is when people from other parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and China can buy and sell products online. So basically International Electronic Commerce is conducting buisness between other countires besides the United States. But unlike regular Electronic Commerce and Tradtional Commerce International Electronic Commerce comes with many problems. Some of the problems that are encountered when performing International Electronic Commerce is the change of currency, tariffs, and import and export restrictions. These types of problems occurr because political structures have not been able to keep up with the fast growing technology of the Internet.


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