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[ 1.] ARC-CHORD OFFSET - enter radius, chord length, and distance along chord for program to calculate distance between chord and arc, perpendicular to chord.
[ 2.] AREA - Enter coordinates of points on perimeter for program to calculate length of perimeter, square feet and acreage. Works great for calculating end areas too.
[ 3.] BEARING / BEARING INTERSECTION - enter coordinates of two points and angle of departure to obtain coordinates of the intersection point and distances to intersection.
[ 4.] BEARING / DISTANCE INTERSECTION - enter coordinates of two points and line of departure from point 1 and distance from point 2 to obtain coordinates of intersection point. Also given is distance from point 1 and azimuth and bearing from point 2.
[ 5.] COORDINATE TRANSFORMATION - enter the coordinates of two known points from each grid to obtain coordinate equivalents from one system to another.
[ 6.] DISTANCE / DISTANCE INTERSECTION - enter coordinates of two points and distances from each to obtain the coordinates of the two intersection points. The angle right (from point 1, to intersection, to point 2) is given for each solution to help you determine which solution you are looking for. Also given is the azimuths and bearings from each point.
[ 7.] END AREA - enter offset and elevation of cross-section to obtain square feet.
[ 8.] FEET TO INCHES - tell program what nearest fraction of an inch to round to (1/16), then enter feet in decimal form (2.535) to get equivalent in inches (30 7/16").
[ 9.] HORIZONTAL CURVE DATA - enter central angle (delta) and radius to obtain the arc length, long chord, degree of curve-arc, degree of curve-chord, tangent, mid-ordinate, external, sector area, segment area, and fillet area.
[ 10.] HORIZONTAL CURVE STAKE-OUT - program gives solutions from any point, to any point, even when working with spirals. The instrument can occupy any point, backsight any point, and then set any point. This includes the back tangent, spiral in, circular section, spiral out, and the ahead tangent, even at differing offsets! Program also lets the user enter the angle and distance to the rodman to obtain the station and offset at the prism. The program even works with coordinates which gives the user the additional option of entering a set of coordinates to get that points station and offset equivalent.
[ 11.] INVERSE - enter two sets of coordinates to obtain the bearing, azimuth and distance between the points. Program gives you the option of back-sighting a point with zero to obtain angles right of backsight point.
[ 12.] MISSING LINE - enter angles (azimuth, bearing, or angle from instrument) and distances from known point to two other points to obtain the distance between those two points.
[ 13.] SLOPE STAKE - routines for using either a level or total-station to obtain top of cut and toe of fill slope catch points.
[ 14.] TRAVERSE - enter direction as azimuth, bearing or angle right from backsight to get point coordinates. Allows sideshots to landmarks or reference points, gives length of perimeter, closure accuracy, square feet and acreage.
[ 15.] TRIANGLE SIDE-SIDE-SIDE - calculates the angles and area.
[ 16.] TRIANGLE SIDE-SIDE-ANGLE - calculates the remaining side, angles and area.
[ 17.] TRIANGLE SIDE-ANGLE-SIDE - calculates the remaining side, angles and area.
[ 18.] TRIANGLE ANGLE-ANGLE-SIDE - calculates the remaining sides, angle and area.
[ 19.] TRIANGLE ANGLE-SIDE-ANGLE - calculates the remaining sides, angle and area.
So with any combination of three known pieces of the triangle, the remaining sides, angles and area are given.
[ 20.] VERTICAL CURVE - gives elevations of incremental or specific points not only along curve but also on back and ahead tangents. Programs states if the station is in curve or tangent. Also automatically gives high or low point when applicable.
[ 21.] VOLUME - enter stations that cross-sections were taken and end area of those stations to get volume between stations and total volume at end of program.

All programs are very easy to use.
The program asks for input, then displays the answer with a description.
For instance, the INVERSE program asks for OCCUPIED NORTHING?
and OCCUPIED EASTING?, etc. and displays results like
BEARING___SE____23*15'30" and DISTANCE___256.873
Programs are currently available for Casio FX-2, fx-9750G, fx-7400G Plus
and cfx-9850 series calculators.

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