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Run to (& From) the Mountains 2002

Well lets start with the trip up. I was unable to join the group leaving early and heading up the Devils highway as I had to work until 9am. So Boo Boo & I met up due to the fire with Dave and Joan two I believe soon to be members and Clyde and Mary Jo Shonk out at the Mobil Station on Idaho Road and the Freeway. We departed at 10:30am for Globe. Upon arrival in Globe I dropped off the rest of my group at Judy's Cookhouse for Lunch while I went in search of Dave Nowlin. Upon my return leg to Judy's cookhouse I see this group of MC's heading towards me. I wave, wait a minute thats Paul and the early morning group going through Globe. It is 11:30 a.m., ah something must have happened I think to myself to make a late start. They will probably just head up 60 instead since it is so late I tell myself.

Well I make it back for lunch without Dave as I was unable to even find the Dodge Dealership, I later saw it as I went by it for the 3rd time. We finish up our lunch after I tell everyone of my run in with the rest of the group. We make the final push of our leg up 60 and into Show Low and on to Pinetop where our hotel is.

Dave is here but I don't see the rest of the Phoenix bikes. Oh no Dave says they are heading up Devils Highway. Oh my god I think we won't see them till after 8 Sure enough around 9pm here comes the rest of the group looking very weary but yet with smiles on their faces. How can you not smile after doing that road? Over 100 miles of twisties with 8,00 -9,000 ft elevations

Friday basically was the meet and greet so we all hung around talking and waiting for the Phx group to show up. There was a contingent from Tucson along with Alan and Kathy Cease. The Ventura CA group was there again this year and it was good seeing them again.

Saturday morning brought a poker run. The poker run was great up through the pines towards Springerville on 260, but eerie as we headed back towards Show Low with the Smoke Plumes in the distance. Ulla won HIGH Hand this year and I won low hand for the 2nd year in a row.

After the Poker run the Show n Shine was held at the hotel with a lot of great looking bikes. There was Dragon Star from Flagstaff which if you haven't seen Tom Kelleys bike it is really something else. Paul had his Stone Washed STAR. Woody Had Alien looking good. Randy Cooper from Ventura had his Black Roadstar looking sharp. Those were just some of the highlights.

While the Show n Shine was happening Dave Nowlin got the BBQ going for a lunch since so much food had been purchased we needed to use some of it. For a donation you could have one heck of a lunch.

After Lunch it was time for the slow race. We set up 2 adjacent lanes 4' wide and around 40' long. Dave Hampton showed us how it was done on his new Goldwing. Great riding Dave!!

At the show n shine our members took 7 of the 12 classes;
  • Woody Woods won Best of Show
  • Lori Woods won Best V-Star
  • Joshua Kennedy won Best Royal Star
  • Paul Bell won Best Venture
  • Yolonda Briley won Best Other for her 1500 Vulcan
  • Robert Patient won Best Harley
  • Drew Fracarro won the most coveted award of the event MOST BUGS!

    Other Show N Shine Winners
  • Randy Cooper From the Ventura CA. Chapter won Best Custom and Chiefs Choice with his RoadStar
  • Dave Heise From Flagstaff won Best Stock for his Venture
  • Tom Kelley From Flagstaff won Best Paint with his Dragon Star Venture
  • and I missed the persons name from Tucson that won Best RoadStar

    So as you can see the chapter took its share of prizes from the Poker Runs to the Show n Shine to the Slow race. Congratulations to all the winers!!

    Afterwards once again Dave and Shirley came through and I believe everyone walked away with a raffle prize of some type between $100 Gift Ceritificates from the Yamaha Shop to car wash detergent. Sorry no Tempos this year ;^)

    At the end of the Raffle was the 50/50 drawing. It was announced that the proceeds would go the Fire Relief Fund. Well one of the Tucson members won the 50/50 and in what is becoming more and more common in all of the Chapters he donated the winnings to the Fire Relief Fund as well. STAR MEMBERS SHINE THROUGHOUT THE ORGANIZATION!!!

    Well now came the interesting part after the raffle we all started to head for our rooms and or mill around when about 9:30pm we got the word to evacuate. The California, Tucson and Flagstaff Chapters got together and departed. We got our Chapter into 3 ride groups and commenced down the hill starting out about 10:30 or so. Boo Boo and I got home around 5:30 this morning.

    The only Casualty was the dog that unfortunately decided to run right in front of me on the Indian Reservation up on 73. The Roadie is fine Roadie 1 Dog 0. I kept hearing stories about Karen Dodson and a squirrel I believe on the trip up as well. So its good to know the STAR bikes can hold their own. Just don't tell PETA!

    Unfortunately due to the fire we probably only had around 70 - 80 people show up for the event, 51 of which were from the Phoenix Chapter. But everyone that was there had a great time and said they would be back next year. Dave and Shirley put on a first class event and is definitely on my to do list every year. If they can pull it off under these conditions just think what it would be like under better conditions. Plus I heard Alan and Kathy were duly impressed and I believe STAR Intl will be lending its support in the future as well!

    This was also an interesting trip I am sure for Dave and Joan who rode up with my Group and Terri who came up with Pauls Group. I hope we didn't scare you off, not all of our rides end up like this ;^)

    To Zak of Ultimate Imports thanks for the donations to the raffle and thanks for helping out in the evacuation with your trailer. Even though I gave you a ration for trailering your bike ;^) It did come in handy once we had to evacuate!

    Also thanks to the many other Vendors that donated items for the raffle From the T shirt vendor that was on site to the Yamaha dealership that had multiple $50 certificates and 1 $100 certificate. To the car/wash formula mfg. Thank you all your generous contributions were greatly appreciated.

    Last but not least THANKS to all of the members of STAR of PHOENIX for just being who you are! Your composure in the evacuation and willingness to help one another as well as others helped show your true colors. I am proud to be associated with each and everyone of you!

    Pics by Clyde & Mary Jo Shonk and Yogi. Hope you enjoy! All pics below are thumbnails just click on the pic for a larger version.

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