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Handcrafted String JuJu Dolls

JuJu dolls are commonly sought for their good luck and protection properties.
The term "juju" refers to an object, the object is in a doll form,
that has been blessed and functions to keep evil and negativity away.
Sometimes JuJu dolls are referred to as guardians because they are used
to protect the home from negativity.

Used to protect the home from negativity and evil many people choose to
hang them above the entrance to their home or business.
JuJu dolls are not voodoo dolls nor are they used for evil they are merely
amplifiers for your own power and wishes.

All of our JuJu dolls are hand made at Willow Creek Herb Company.
Each 7 inch doll is unique and one of a kind
They are blessed and ready to be charged with your intentions.

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