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{ephedra X arenicoa}

For the initiation of menstruation.

Ephedra X arenicoa, also known as "whorehouse tea" or mormon tea is a slow growing botanically primitive shrub that exists only in some parts of the world. and as the name ephedra X arenicoa implies contains ephedra. Ephedra tea causes uterine contractions and is useful to initiate menstruation. We pick it, and dry it, and grind it. Making tea from this powder releases the ephedra.

This is nothing new: Ephedra has been used for centuries. Then why haven't we heard of this before? MONEY, As a world famous Doctor once said; Contraceptive devices, pills, and prescriptions generate millions of dollars every year, and keep people in the Medical and Science fields gainfully employed.

Women's Health issue; "Ephedra causes uterine contractions. Pregnant women should absolutely not use it. Unless It is used to initiate menstruation."

Historic note: In the Old West, Ephedra tea was served at many brothels to keep the "working girls" menstruation cycles regular. It also developed a reputation as a cure for syphilis and gonorrhea. Hence the name whorehouse tea was applied. Unfortunately, it has no effect on syphilis or gonorrhea.

Precautionary statement
Anyone who has high blood pressure should consult his physician before using this herb. If it raises your blood pressure, don't use it. Anyone with heart disease, diabetes, glaucoma, or an overactive thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism) should excecise caution when using ephedra. Ephedra tea often causes insomnia. People with sleep problems should not take it late in the day. Finally, ephedra causes dry moth. Increase, your non-alcohol fluid intake when you use it. The Food and Drug Administration considers ephedra an herb of "undefined safety." For otherwise healthy adults who do not have high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, or overactive thyroid, and who are not taking other medications that raise blood pressure or cause anxiety or insomnia, ephedra is considered relatively safe when used cautiously for short periods of time. If ephedra causes insomnia, nervousness, or stomach upset, use less or stop using it. Let your doctor know if you experience any unpleasant effects. Competitive athletes should be extremely cautious regarding the use of ephedra. For example, it is on the United States Olympic Committee's list of banned substances.

Since all contraceptives are not 100 percent, you should keep a supply of this on hand for your own protection. protection against laws that do not favor you. i.e. if a woman wants to, legaly she can keep your baby, leave you, and make you pay her 500 dollars a month. I also recommend a pre-sexual contract. Sounds corny but you would be glad you did when the Feds. start raiding your bank account and publicly call you a dead beat.

Rx for Ephedra tea
Every order will come with complete instructions for suggested use. {Rx}

Ephedra tea was used as soon as a womens menstruation cycle was late and sexual activity was likely the cause. A supply was bought and stored in a cool dry place for future use, as the tea generaly worked better earlier in the stages of pregnancy,

Results vary from person to person and from each unique situation. Typically two cups of tea were drank at one sitting. This would initiate menstruation within 24 hours. This supply is enough for two cups per day for seven days. Once menstruation started, The tea was no longer was needed, saveing the remainder. If after eight days menstruation does not begin. See your doctor about other options.

Sold in 7 day supply packets only. 55.00 dollars per 7 day supply packet. plus 5.00 for Shipping and handeling. Add four dollars for orders outside of the US. No extra shipping charge for two or more packets. Send the total price in the form of a money order in US Dollars to us at:



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