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The Bermuda triangle is a area in the shape of a triangle(duh!) going through the Bermudas, Puerto Rico and and the coast of Florida. It is famous because every year whole ships just mysteriously disappear and are never retrieved. Or sometimes the ships are retrieved but not the people on the ship. In September 1955 a ship called " Connemara 4" was found floating in the water, there was no sign of the crew.

A picture of the Connemara before it disappeared.

There are about 100 sunk or missing ship in the Bermuda Trianlge every year. But ship aren't the only things that sink in this area. In May 1968 a US Atomic Submarine called the "Scorpion" sunk with the crew of 99 men. There seems to be no logic explanation of what caused the Submarine to go down.

Left:The "Scorpin before it sunk in the Bermuda Triangle" - Right: With this sign people are trying to find out what happened to the Yacht called "Saba Bank" that disappeared in April 1974.

There are always those people that have a explanation for everything. For examle: The "Connemara" story is pretty strange. A ship but no crew. Several experts suggest that the crew of the "Connemara" might have decided to go for a swim and when they were in the water they somehow sunk and the ship floated ashore. Although this story is unlikly to have happened this way, it is possible. Eventhough there are explanations for some of the sunken ships and there are scientists coming up with new theories all the time there is one thing that was never really explaines and still remains a mystery. Flight No. 19! In December 1945 a squadron of five U.S. Navy torpedo bombers took of on a practice flight and never returned. Shortly after that a seaplane was sent from Ft. Lauderdale to search for the missing bombers and that plane too was lost. In the matter of a coule of hours the U.S. navy had lost six planes and they had no idea what happened. It is said that shortly before the Tower lost contact to the Bombers, they were informed that a searchplane would come after them. At that moment the bombers send there last message "No, don't come after us, they look so..." What they ment with "they" , we will never no. Just like we will never know what happend to the six planes.



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