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Tips for learning English

1 Some students like to learn by studying English grammar and then using it in sentences. Other students like to learn by listening to spoken English and then repeating it the best way they can. Actually, the best way to learn is to use both of these techniques together.

New words

2 When you learn a new word, write it down in your notebook. Write the definition in English, not in your own language. Below the meaning, write down the sentence or phrase where you found the word.

3 Many verbs and adjectives match with certain prepositions. For example: afraid + of or apply + for . make sure that you learn the words together with their prepositions.

4 Out of the four skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, the best way to learn new words is through reading.


5 Read the day's newspaper in your own language and then read one in English. This way, you already know the context and main ideas of the main stories. It will be easier for you to guess the meaning of unknown words.

6 Reader's Digest is an excellent magazine for reading practice for upper-intermediate to advanced levels.

7 Read something that you are interested in. If you like sports, read about sports. If you like fashion, read about fashion.


8 Find a penpal- the traditional way or an e-pal from the Internet.

9 Try reading and leaving messages on an on-line message board.


10 Speak as much and as often as you can in English. Don't forget to use correct grammatical structures.