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            Blazin Red Fish                                   4.25
            Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers                          3.99
            Potato Skins                                      4.50
                (cheese, bacon, chives & sour cream)
            Mozzaralla Sticks                                 3.95
                (cheese, bacon, chives & sour cream)
            Breaded Zucchini                                  3.25
            Onion Rings                                       2.95
            Combo Platter                                     4.25
                (Onion Rings, Mozzarella Sticks, Breaded Mushrooms, Zucchini & Cauliflower)
            Wedge Fries                                       1.99
            Cheese Fries                                      2.75
            Loaded Cheese Fries                               3.75
            Cajun Chicken Strips                              3.75
            Buffalo Chicken Wings                             4.50
                (Mild, Hot or Suicidal)
            Chicken Fingers                                   4.25
            Nacho Chips & Guacamole or Salsa                  3.65
            Nacho Chips & Cheese Sauce                        2.75
            Taco Meat Nachos                                  4.95
                (Beef or Chicken)
            Shrimp Cocktail                                   6.25


            SOUP:                             Cup             Bowl

            French Onion                      1.95            2.50
            Soup of the Day                   1.75            2.50
            Chili (Seasonal)                                  3.75
            Beef Stew (Seasonal)                              3.95


            Cottage Cheese                                    1.50
            Pasta Salad                                       1.50
            Coleslaw                                          1.50
            Potato Salad                                      1.50
            Sauerkraut                                        1.50
            Half Order Wedge Fries                            1.50
            Half Order Cheese Fries                           1.85
            Baked Potato (Served After 5:00 PM)               1.75
            Loaded Potato                                     2.30
                (Bacon bits, Cheddar Cheese & Chives)


            Seafood Salad                                     5.50
                (Large Shrimp & Crab Meat Atop Salad Greens.
                       Sweet Red Onions, Tomato and Egg)
            Taco Salad                                        4.75
                (Beef or Chicken) Salad Greens Piled With Seasoned Taco Beef 
                          or Chicken, Chives, Tomatoes, Black Olives & Shredded Cheddar Cheese,
                          Surrounded by Taco Chips 
                          (Add Guacamole .50 each Add more than 1 Side Cups .25 Each)
            Chef Salad                                        4.75
                (Salad Greens, Chives, Ham, Turkey, Egg, Tomatoes & Grated Cheddar Cheese)
            Chicken Salad                                     4.75
                (Large Scoop of our Special Chicken Salad Atop Salad Greens, Chives,
                          Sweet Red Onions with Tomato, Egg and Shredded Cheddar Cheese)
            Tuna Salad                                        4.75
                (Large Scoop of Our Homemade Tuna Salad, Atop Salad Greens,
                          Chives, Sweet Red Onions with Tomato, Egg & Shredded Cheddar Cheese)
            Dinner Salad                                      2.00
                (Salad Greens, Chives, Tomatoes, Croutons & Alfalfa Sprouts)

            Salad Dressings: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Local Italian, 
                             Creamy Italian, Vinegar & Oil,1000 Island, 
                             French Blue Cheese, Fat Free Ranch, 
                             Fat Free Honey Mustard


            Pastrami, Ham or Turkey                            3.95
            Roast Beef or Corn Beef                            4.50
            Smoked Turkey                                      4.25
            Roast Pork                                         3.95
            Chicken or Tuna Salad in Pita Bread                3.45
                (With Lettuce, Chives, Tomatoes, Shredded Cheddar & Alfalfa Sprouts)
            Yorkshire Delight                                  3.45
                (Guacamole, Cream Cheese, Lettuce Chives, Tomatoes, 
                           Shredded Cheddar & Alfalfa Sprouts in Pita Bread)
            Half A Sandwich of Any of Above                    2.75
            Half A Sandwich of Any of Above & Cup of Soup      3.50
            Braunschweiger & Cup of Soup                       3.00
            1/2 Braunchweiger & Cup of Soup                    2.50
            Grilled Cheese                                     2.95
            Reuben (Corn Beef or Turkey)                               5.35
            BLT & Cup of Soup                                  3.95
            BLT                                                3.00
            Meatloaf                                           3.95
            Club Sandwich                                      4.95

            CHOICE OF BREAD: Light, Dark & Swirl Rye, Whole Wheat,
                                White, Egg Roll or Sourdough Bread.
            DELUXE: (Lettuce, Tomato & Mayonnaise)..........    .30
            CHEESE: Cheddar, American, Swiss, 
                  Mozarella, Pepper Cheese..................    .30

More Sandwiches

            1/2 LB Hamburger                                   4.95
            1/4 LB Hamburger                                   3.75
                We Proudly Serve 100% Lean Fresh USDA GROUND CHUCK 
            Patty Melt                                         5.25
            Breaded Tenderloin                                 5.50
            Grilled Tenderloin                                 5.00
            Grilled Chicken Breast Sandwich                    5.00
                Marinated in Teriyaki Sauce or Barbecue Sauce
            Philly Steak Sandwich                              5.25
            Breaded Fish Sandwich                              4.95
                With Tarter Sauce or Malt Vinegar
            Blazin Red Fish Sandwich                           4.90
                With Tarter Sauce or Cajun Sauce
            Fish & Chips                                       4.95
                Hand Battered Cod Fillets, Served With Our Wedge Fries 
                                            And Tarter Sauce or Malt Vinegar)



            Sirloin Steak - 8 oz. USDA Choice Select                   8.50
            N.Y. Strip Steak - 10 oz. USDA Choice Select              10.95
            Prime Rib - 9 oz. Serving of USDA Choice                   8.50
            Grilled Chicken                                            6.75
                A Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast Marinated in Teriyaki Sauce
                    or Barbecue Sauce and Charbroiled to Perfection
            Grilled Tuna Steak                                         6.95
                A Delicious Tuna Steak Charbroiled to Perfection With Lemon Herb
                    spices or Try It Cajun Spiced.
            Baked Fish                                                 7.50
                Tender Fillets of Cod Baked with Lemon Butter Served With Lemon 
            Filet Mignon                                               9.95
                6 oz. Tender Filet Wrapped in Bacon and Charbroiled to Your Liking.


            Cheesecake Plain                                           2.50
            Cheesecake with Strawberries                               2.75
            Cheesecake Topped WIth Chocolate !                         2.75
            Carrot Cake                                                2.00


            Coffee, Tea, Milk, Soft Drinks                              .95