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Eight Internet Lessons
Here are eight Internet lessons that have been tried and tested by myself and my fellow teachers. They work best with advanced and upper-intermediate students and are designed to allow the students a high degree of self-exploration of the Internet. It is recommended that they do it with a partner so that they can discuss it at the same time.

Lesson One

School Uniforms

Introduce the concept of school uniforms with these questions:

Should students wear uniforms to school?
Which countries require uniforms at school? Which don't?

Your students can then use these resources to decide for themselves whether uniforms are a good idea or not:

After reading in pairs, your students can have a short debate or write about it for homework.

Lesson Two


Is cyberspace a good place to find a partner?

Students are to look around this site:

... and discuss whether they think they could find a suitable partner.

What kind of people use this service?

...and just for fun they can also check out this novelty site:

Lesson Three

Grammar Practice

Students can practice their weak grammar areas with the grammar quizzes located at:

Lesson Four

E-mail the president

... at of course

This is an activity that will really freak your students out! Don't expect a reply, though.

Lesson Five

The Perfect Pet

Ask your students in turn whether they like cats, dogs or other kinds of pets. Next let them surf the following resources:

Afterwards, the students can tell the class which pet they prefer and why.

Lesson Six


In this session, the students can browse the comic portal site located at:

Things to discuss:

1 What language is used in comic strips?
2 How can reading comics improve your English?

Lesson Seven

Rainbow Kids

This lesson is about adopted kids

1 Go to
2 Click on 'personal adoption stories'
3 Read two or three of these stories
4 In class, discuss the difficulties or challenges faced by the adopted kids. p>

Lesson Eight

Stupid jokes

A light reading session. Students can find plenty of 'stupid jokes' at:

Challenge them to relate some of the jokes to each other. Remember, it will be a challenge for them to get the tone and comic timing correct.