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The world is getting smaller. We are exposed to peoples and cultures that our grandparents never knew. But how much do you know of other cultures? Well, dude, here’s where you can find out by taking Emile’s Culture Quiz



Where do men wear kilts?                   



Poland Ireland Scotland


Where do people bow to greet each other?


America Japan Malaysia


Which country has over 1 billion people?


India America China

In which country is frogs’ legs a tasty snack?


France Singapore England


Which country is famous for pizza?


Italy Mexico Spain


In which country do people speak Portuguese?


Spain Brazil Colombia


Which country is also called ‘Down Under’?


Wales Russia Australia



Which country is famous for vodka?


Germany Russia Canada


Which country has the largest Muslim population?


Indonesia Morroco Iraq


Which country started the Olympics?


America Greece






How did you do?


Score                                        Rating

0-2                                                                                     go back to geography class

3-7                                                                                     medium

8-10                                         Excellent! You are a citizen of the world