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Let's learn a Japanese word: Chindogu!
Chindogu means 'weird tool' or, in other words, a funky invention!
Wanna see some chindogu? Check these out:

Do you need to scratch your back?

F-6, no, no higher, F-5. Oh yes, that's so nice!!

Noodles too hot?

Glue? No, it's butter on a stick, dude!

Actually, I really want to buy this chindogu.



Are your noodles too hot to eat? What? You don't have time to wait for them to cool down?

Well, don't worry, there is a chindogu for you!

Directions Click on the right answer.
Chindogu is an English word
Chindogu is a Japanese word
Chindogu means weird tool
Chindogu means fast tool
One kind of chindogu is butter on a stick
One kind of chindogu is butter in a tube