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An Unusual Pet


Skunks make excellent pets. They are fun, very affectionate and like to cuddle up with their owners. If you want to have a skunk in your house, you'll want to be sure that you are able to spend time with your pet. Skunks don't like being alone. Although they may bite if frightened or injured, skunks are usually very good with kids that are calm and gentle.

Do pet skunks smell terrible? Of course not! Skunk owners get their pets de-scented. This is a necessity and is not painful for the skunk.

You do not need a cage for your skunk, but it will need a bed to sleep in. Place the bed somewhere quiet so when it wants to relax, it has a peaceful place to do so. You may find that your skunk will want to curl up and sleep with you.

Skunks are very playful. They love to romp around with stuffed toys, rubber balls or anything else that catches their attention.

Skunks eat mostly vegetables but they do like fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, and low-fat yogurt. Make sure your skunk always has a fresh supply of water available at all times. Skunks like to beg for table scraps and will always look like they are starving, even after eating a big meal. Giving them treats is okay, but over feeding will lead to obesity, which is very unhealthy. Never give a skunk chocolate! It can kill them.

A healthy skunk can live up to 22 years.






1 Do pet skunks carry a bad smell?

2 Where do they like to sleep?

3 What do skunks like to play with?

4 What do they like to eat?

5 What should you never give a skunk?

6 How long do skunks live?




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