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Waterless Cookware Reviews

Both the first and second reviews on this page were submitted to about waterless cookware sets purchased from

The third review concerns the quality of our waterless cookware brands.

The last article is a review written about our Chef's Secret Waterless Cookware.

There is a link below each review which will take you to the actual website where the review was submitted.

I Made the Right Choice by Going Online to
Purchase My Steam Control Waterless Cookware

Review submitted to by "Bette" from New York.

Lots of pros. Most importantly, it's exactly what the seller advertised.

Film-free surface. Pure stainless steel won't keep foods from sticking. But I say, health first.

The Bottom Line
We purchased this cookware online for less than a quarter of the retail price, and I'd do it again in a New York minute. I recommend this cookware to anyone.

(Full Review)
Hello everyone, my name is Bette and I'm from Olean, NY. Well, I have to say, this is something that is new to me, but I have felt compelled to write a review on my cookware since I received it and have now used it for about five months.

My husband and I were invited to a waterless cookware demonstration dinner by a friend, and afterwards, I was bound and determine to own a set of my own one day.

Two weeks later we were still discussing the fact that the cookware we saw was going to cost us around $2300.00 if we purchased the pieces we wanted. I'm sorry, but both my husband and myself simply could not see putting that much money in a simple set of cookware. But darn it, I couldn't stop thinking about that demonstration we saw and how the food tasted so different and "fresh" and how I was probably slowly poisoning myself and my family with my present cookware. That's a lot to think about.

One day my husband came in from work and told me that he had been talking about the cookware with a woman he works with, when, out of the blue, she asked him if we had looked online to see if it was sold by any of the Internet stores. Why didn't we think of that? Probably because we never purchased anything online.

So, we went online, to Google's search engine, keyed in "waterless cookware" and sure enough, there they were, lots and lots of small businesses that sell waterless cookware over the Internet, AND what a big difference between the prices online and the prices at the demonstration dinner party! But [ironically, partly because of the huge price differences] I was very hesitant about ordering my cookware online, and it took me about two more weeks worth of researching the companies and trying to make personal contact over the telephone with different dealers.

After much consideration, and yes, still with just a bit of doubt, I settled on a set of surgical stainless steel waterless cookware that goes by the brand name World’s Finest Steam Control™ Waterless Cookware that I purchased from

Like I said, there are lots of dealers of waterless cookware on the Internet, with lots of different prices. The first thing that caught my eye about the company that I chose was the fact that they advertise "FREE Shipping" ... now that's the right way to get my attention... lol. But the real truth about why I finally chose this company may sound a little silly, because the reason was that I was able to telephone the company and talk to a real human being about the cookware, plus she gave me lots of hints about using waterless cookware, and even a few hints about what to look for in choosing a set. A personal connection with someone at the company also gave me some relief as far as my doubt about purchasing the cookware online. I also like knowing that I can pick up my phone even today if I have a problem, telephone them, and there'll be someone there to help. But that's just the way I am.

So I ordered my set of cookware, and I was simply on pins and needles before it was delivered to my home, which took about a week if I remember correctly. I have to say right off that I was happy with the look and feel of the set as soon as I unpacked it. I picked the 7ply set because it has a layer of carbon steel that's in between the stainless steel layers, and it was my belief that this would make it a better quality set. I could be wrong, I realize, but I wanted this set very, very bad. Go figure.

Of course I couldn't wait to use it once I had it in my home, so after giving the entire set a good soapy wash job I set out to prepare a meal. Believe it or not, I was happy with the outcome of my very first meal. The lady on the telephone at RealCook had told me about how her husband loved for her to bake a hen in the large roaster right on top of her stove, so for the first meal I chose a baked hen with small whole potatoes, fresh green beans, and cooked cabbage. I admit that I was a little afraid that I would burn the cabbage, because I had heard that cabbage could be difficult to cook when using waterless cookware. But I did exactly as I was told by the lady at RealCook, which was to line the bottom of the pan with a few large outside leafs of the cabbage and place the cut cabbage on the large leafs in the pot to cook. Well, it all turned out just as perfect as I hoped it would, and the cookware did exactly what the seller told me it would do. I already knew that I would have to get use to using a lower temperature than I normally used, the lady that placed my order had made sure that I understood this. So this made it easier not to burn any food on my first try.

As far as the cookware itself, well they're very beautiful, shinny pots and pans. I especially like the handles, the material is called "phenolic" and they're really tough. The information on the set says that they can withstand heat up to 350 degrees in an oven. But I'm thinking, why would I want to put them in my oven when I can bake anything right on top of my stove with these pans?

I also like the lids, and this is something that I was specifically looking for. The lids are called "self-storing lids" and all this means is that you can invert the lid, meaning turn it upside down, and place it inside the proper pan. Then you can either hang the pots overhead [the handles have little eyelets for hanging] or stack them in your cabinet. Now this, I love.

I also love the fact that I can stack cook. I just start cooking my food items on individual burners, and when the little valve whistles on top of the lids, I can just take the lids off and stack the pots on top of each other to finish cooking. I think this is a neat feature, not to mention that it saves heating up my kitchen as well as electricity. All things considered, my husband and I are very proud of ourselves for going out on the proverbial limb and purchasing our waterless cookware online. If we had not done this, I often wonder if I would still be cooking with my old set of cookware ... eek!

Thanks, and happy cooking.

The following link leads to the actual review on It's the second review on the page called, "I Made the Right Choice by Going Online to Purchase My Steam Control Waterless Cookware."

Another Revue at submitte by Chris H. from Waterford, MI.

High quality, heavy duty, waterless even cooking. Lifetime warranty.

Slow initial heating with electric stove.

The Bottom Line
If you are looking for high quality cookware that will last a lifetime, this is the best set for the money.

Full Review

I think the state fair is the biggest commercial for this cookware. Like other reviewers, my wife and I were at a fair and watched a presentation on similar cookware that was priced from $1,500-$3,000 for the different sets.

Obviously this is a ridiculous price so we came home and searched the internet and found the same or similar cookware for considerably less but there was still a wide range of prices. The set from was by far the best deal. The cookware is very heavy duty stainless steel. I've cooked several different things in it and it works great. We upgraded from T-Fal and it's so nice not to have to baby the pans and use only plastic utensils. Steaming vegetables with very little water turns out wonderful. This is a big time savings for me. I like steamed asparagus and before I had to heat a big pot of water for my steamer. With these pans you just rinse the asparagus and throw them right in the pan with the lid. The water from rinsing is all you need. Soups and stews turn out beautiful. The sealing lid captures all the moisture and meats turn out juicy and tender. Cooking with these pans takes a bit of getting used to. They take a bit longer to heat up on my electric stove but you only need to use a low to medium heat once it's initially heated up and the heat is very even on the entire cooking surface.

The set comes with 3 saucepots with lids from 1.7-3.2 quart sizes, a 7.5 quart roaster and a 11 3/8 inch skillet with lid. There is also a dome lid that fits both the roaster and skillet. A double boiler bowl is included that doubles as a mixing bowl with plastic lid. Finally a deep fry basket and a steamer lid are also included.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase and with the lifetime warranty, there are no worries about the quality.

Recommended: Yes
The website URL is: " target="_blank">Review on

Product Rating: Ease of Use: Durability: Ease of Cleaning: Style: Pros: Very good quality, cooks like we wanted it to, and the food taste better. Cons: Sticking can be a problem unless you do as the instructions say. The Bottom Line: If I had to do it all over again, I'd buy the same set from the same company again.

dani003's Full Review: Maxam World's Finest Steam Control Surgical Stainless Waterless Cookware.

I bought a set of surgical stainless steel waterless cookware online just about three weeks ago. I remember when I first went online and after doing some research I really thought I wanted to buy a set of either the Maxam or the Steam Control system's brand of cookware because they are all over the internet with lots of stores selling them. Also I guess it was because, other than the really expensive sets, these two brand names were the only other waterless sets I was seeing that had a lot of reviews written about them. So I called a company I found online and found out that these two sets are all over the internet only because they were originally made back in 1950 or around there, so of course more people have those sets than the more recently made sets.I ended up buying a set that is made by Chefs Secret and it's just perfect. The set has a total of 28 pieces, but this counts lids and everything. One reason I picked out this set was because the knobs on the lids are covered by the company's lifetime warranty, and you can't get that with every waterless cookware set. The knobs have a thermostat gage on the knobs instead of the steam release valve that most waterless cookware sets seem to have. I didn't have any problems learning to cook with these pots, and I found out that I don't have to stand over the stove and stare at the temperature gage to know when it's time to turn the heat down. That's because if I'm not in the room and don't happen to see the gage, the lid begins to jingle around and I can hear the steam escaping out from under the lid on the pot. This works just as good and the same as the steam release valve does. The other two things that made me pick this set was stack cooking is possible with it and also the lids will fit between the pot and the handles so when you want to remove the lid to stir or add something to the pot of food you're cooking you don't have to a lay the lid down someplace. I can't complain about a single thing so far and I've done a lot of cooking in the time I've had it. I'm just glad I didn't pay over $2000 for a set like I started to in the beginning when I first saw a set of waterless cookware at a demonstration party. Danielle D. Oklahoma City, OK.
Purchased from:
Amount Paid (US$): 239.99

Web address:

The following is a review on about the Chef's Secret waterless set.

Review Written by K. Atwood (Rockwall, TX USA), submitted to

Excellent Waterless Cookware, January 16, 2006

Hi y'all,
If you've read any of my other reviews, you know I try to tell you what I think about the item, rather than gush or slam emotionally.

I got on the waterless cookware research kick after attending a Saladmaster party. I loved the idea of waterless for the health benefits and flavor of the food, as well as the quality of construction of the surgical steel pieces. My husband is a full time seminary student, and I homeschool our children. There is no way we will ever be in a position where $2000-5000 for a set of cookware will be a good buy in our opinions. I am not impugning Saladmaster, at all. I'm saying we can't afford it, and even if we could, I don't have it in me to shell out that much money for pans.

What anyone considering this cookware needs to consider is that waterless is a distinctive, and probably a new way of cooking. It requires adjustment in practice and thinking unless you already cook waterless. The idea is to cook the foods at a low enough temperature (212 degrees F or less) and with as little liquid as possible so that the majority of the nutrients are not cooked out and additional calories from fats/oils/grease are not cooked in. The natural flavors of the food really do come out when cooking waterless. It is a technique that requires a little patience and maybe some practice if you are in the habit of bringing something to a boil and cooking it until it is done.

Waterless cookware does not mean you won't burn dinner if you are not paying attention. That is not to say you can't use these pans exactly the way you use other cookware--with water. If you want to cook waterless, you have to be in the kitchen until the steam valve whistles so you can turn the heat down to low or off. The food continues to cook from the steam and it's own liquid. The instruction manual that comes with the cookware has recommended cooking times for vegetables, and those should be followed because when all the liquid evaporates, the food will burn. If you're leaving the burner on, and you're leaving the kitchen, set a timer to come back and turn the burner off. Also, you have to use the right size pan for the amount of food you're preparing. The bottom of the pan needs to be covered with food, or the natural moisture in the food and the little water that clings to rinsed off vegetables cooks out too fast, and the food will burn. Other waterless cookbooks are avaliable, and I recommend getting one so that you can learn how to adjust your favorite recipes to the waterless cooking method.

I found other sets on-line, and the affordable ones are made by Maxam--if you have Maxam, World's Finest, Chef's Secret or Steam Control, Maxam made it. The expensive ones are made by Regal--Saladmaster, West Bend, etc. Regal sets are made of T317 (grade)surgical steel, and there is little difference in quality between the T317 and T304. Maxam offers T304 surgical stainless steel in 5, 7, and 9 ply (layer) construction, though I've been told the nomenclature has changed slightly so that the layers are more easily understood. Mom gave me a set of the 9 ply, and it is fabulous.

The quality is outstanding. The company has been in business since the 1950s, and when you look at and use the pans you can see why. They have a mirror finish and are very heavy, especially compared to standard metal cookware--even stainless steel. The multi-layer construction is incomparable to the standard 18/10 stainless I'm replacing, and I was using one of the nicer sets. The handles are sturdy and stay cool when cooking. The set is completely self-stacking, which is significant. Other cookware can be stacked, but the lids slide around, and the cookware slips off if it isn't balanced just right. These lids lie flat under the rim of the pan, which makes a flat surface for the next pan to set on. Nothing slides around or crashes the second you close the cabinet. The set comes with a lifetime warranty, excluding handles. I don't expect the handles to wear out in the next several years because they look sturdy, but if they do need to be replaced, they can be easily replaced with a screwdriver (as opposed to having to replace the whole pan when the handle comes off) and they are inexpensive to purchase from the company.

The price is excellent. You can't walk in Linens & Things or Dillard's/Foley's/Macy's and get a full set of cookware of this quality for the price. You probably can't even get a bigger set. Most of these waterless sets run between $200-300, depending on which ply you choose. Some websites charge more than $300, but do not pay it. There are too many out there that sell for $300 or less. Even if the handles break, or you drop one and break your foot, you can buy 10 sets of this waterless and still come out cheaper than the any of the Regal lines.

Clean up could not be easier. The pans are all dishwasher safe, and everything comes off by hand very easily. I scorched butter beans last week. I was not sure how much water was needed to cook dried beans, nor how long to cook them, and I burned the bottom layer badly. Butter beans(large lima)are very starchy, and nothing is more difficult to scrape off of a pan besides blackened, carmelized, starch. I followed the directions in the manual by scraping out that which could be salvaged, adding water to the pan, returning it to the stove, and bringing the water to a boil. When it was boiling, I scraped the scorched food off with a wooden spatula. I have have not had burned food come off teflon that easily. My standard stainless was a real pain to clean up when things burned--I've had to do the dryer sheet trick, and not had alot of luck with that. I don't generally burn dinner, but we've all done it occasionally. I was actually worried about having to clean this one up because the pans were brand new, and I didn't want to scratch them to get the black off. I need not have worried.

I really like this set, and I won't buy any other kind of cookware. This set passed the Saladmaster baking soda test, and the fresh/frozen vegetables I have cooked in it taste better than they do when cooked in standard cookware. The meats have been more flavorful, juicier, more tender, and absorbed the seasonings better. It takes less time to cook dinner, and l don't have to worry about a pot boiling over. I am glad that more of the nutrients are staying in the food I cook, and the price is unbeatable. I don't know whether or not you can boil an egg with a wet paper towel in these or not (because I haven't tried it yet), but for less than $300 and better quality than the mall, I don't care.

The following URL is the actual review on Amazon. Scroll down the page for the review until you see " 22pc Super Set with T304 Stainless Steel". This is a review of our KTSS22 waterless set."

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