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Dark Chi Warrior - lol this is for Vicki

Who drew this ? I forgot who sent me this

I chose the 230 tire instead of the 250 cause its a 15" vs. an 18" tire, The frame u see here is the chopper style frame rolling chasis kit. I am starting to lean toward the standard frame, because it has a dragbike look like in the photo below.

Here are both frames together. I want to stick the king sportster tank with the aircraft inlet on the standard frame instead of the molded tank like the one on the right. Depending on how far I ride, I may go with a coffin tank (more fuel) instead of a 3.3 gallon peanut tank . Paugho makes a sweet springer fork, I will have to get the front and rear wheel before I buy it, making sure the forks are the right length for a level ride. It will need to be a couple inches over stock since the neck is going to be kicked out to 40 degrees and the front tire will be 19" instead of 21" , to give the forks a longer look.

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