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What kind of Goth are You???

Okay so now you're here and ready to determine who and what you you are. I matched up some quotes with different varities of Gothic culture. Look for one that you might say.

GeekyGoth: I play video/roleplaying games and read fantasy books. I'm geeky to the point that it's kinda cool. Right down to the thick black coke-bottle glasses- with tape in the middle. Geek Chic. Yeah...

a LazyGoth: I'm not gonna spend three hours on my hair and make-up. Fuck it! I'll just go for that classic Robert Smith look- smeared red lipstick, messy hair... it all works out perfectly.

GraverGoth might think: Yes I wear huge Pants... but they're black..

Wallflower might be thinking: "Don't look at me..." (Emma ;-) oh, please..." *scuttles to the corner of the club*

a Depressed Goth: "*Sigh* Life is so morbid and pointless. *Holds hand to head* blah." Alot of the time, people act like this because they think it "Gothy". Just trying to make a good impression. What they don't realize is that they're not scoring points by going for the most overdone sterotype of goth in the fucking book.

a RomanticGoth might say: "The river of my life flows slowly like the stream I drowned in in my past life. When the Earth was pure, the people were romantic and I was alive with passion.

a PoseurGoth might say: "Check it out. I got this cool collar from Trails. Isn't it twisted?" *Ugh.* Just the thought that some people can be so fucking stupid sickens me.

(FYI: The Poseur Goth was inspired by this person I know. Hmm, maybe i should write a poem for 'em my other page...

a VainGoth might be thinking: "I rule this damn club because no one has this outfit and they never will! I make everyone else look look like waddling ducks when I'm on the dance floor and my face is always perfect, even at Denny's!"

Next up: Cuttin' rug. Try Vampy's Dance Lesson

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