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Tina the Troubled Teen A Quote
Hello Kiddies. I've been a busy bitch.
You know, going to clubs, Puking in the bathrooms, passing out at Denny's; You know how that goes. But now I've sobered up (a little bit) and can bring you more tidbits of silly, sarcastic shit for your internet surfing enjoyment. I promise that I will try Very VERY hard to fuck with this page more often. That's just how much I love you.
I warn you now that I've become more cranky and pissy. So brace yourself . I will attempt to giude you though my page with at least a little bit of hospitality.

So, Pick a Betty Page, ANY Betty Page.

What type of Goth are you??
A quick, painless glance over of the many trends and styles that I have personally observed while trapping around the town.

other pages I like.

Decorating tips for all of you who want their places to resemble funeral homes

Shopping 'n' shit