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First off, not all goths are vampires, satanists, mansonites, manicdepressives or psycos.
Given that not all Goths are mature, worldly, smart supernatural beings.
They're somewhat normal people... just wearing black.
Goths don't eat their pets, torture the elderly
or sleep upside down in their closets.
Goths have jobs, kids, goals and *gasp* a life! We just express ourselves in non-mainstream ways. Be it very emotional writings, beautiful art or just a great sense of fashion.
Sure we look 'odd' even scary to yuppies but I often say, "You don't fuck with me, I don't fuck with you."

Furthermore, here are a couple tips on how to get along or at least be civil with your fellow Goth.
*Get used to comments about "Sisters" and "The Mission" etc.
*If you go to a goth club with them to see what it's like, don't dress gothic unless you really know what you're doing. You'll just embarrass everyone and yourself.