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You can wear black 365 days a year and belt out Cure tunes all night. But if your room is flowery and pink... it just doesn't work.
Your room is your dwelling and lots of shit goes down in there.
Journal entries.
You should be able to tap into your mind effortlessly in your room/living space. You can't just put up black curtains, a Souxie poster and call it a day.
Hell no! You need to think about what makes you happy and comfortable.

Some people go for a more romantic take on decorating. Lace and trinkets.
unicorns and mirrors
Others a more tradtional All black.
Never the less, don't do what everyone else is doing because it's "the right way". Because all those people you're refereing to don't have to live in there.

Okay, with that in mind, here are some sites so set you on your merry make-over way... For help for the all-mighty alt.goths, go here and here.
And then there is my all time favorite, Gothic Matha Stewart.

As for my interior decorating, I went for a collage motif. The wall are covered top to bottom of verious pictures from various sources.
Fetish bunnies, Tori Amos, and alot of hot girls are on my walls. As for the furniture, I have a brass cage with various little things displayed. My butterfly ashtray, statue of cherubs and dried roses to name a few.
Nothing magnificent, but I like it. ;-0 Smooches!